Archbishop Janani Luwum; Mary Luwum; family and relatives

Archbishop Janani Luwum; Mary Luwum; family and relatives


Any person that stands up to state that Iddi Amin killed or instructed the death of Jonan Luwum, is so uninformed and has to leave discussing Uganda politics. Amin had nothing to do with it and he was truly pissed that night than I have ever seen him. And anything passed that fact, is wolokoso. The commanders wanted them killed, and they were right to need to kill them for these were people arrested with weapons, but Amin stood very firm and all that evening at the Conference center and refused to have them killed. In fact the afternoon was so split in the decision, that the meeting at the Nile Mansion ended with a specific instruction from Amin that the Luwum’s and group be kept overnight and the discussion about their fate be continued on tomorrow.

Then it became where they should spend the night, Nile Mansion wanted them, Military Police Makindye wanted them, Public Safety Unity in Naguru wanted them, Army headquarters wanted them. But there was also a very clear message to Amin from very high command circles that these men were going to bring war to them, the officers were going to die and Amin was going to be saved. And that was directly stated into Amin’s ears.

So every sector that would take them for the night, became questionable as to if it will bring them back the next day alive. Amin stood up and instructed that they be driven to State House and they were going to all end up into state house. It so happened that in the entire country, the only safe place for the Luwums to spend a night was state house or they were going to die.

On making that statement Amin left Nile Mansion and they were placed into a convoy supposed to follow the convoy of the president to Entebbe. A commander that was to lead them to Entebbe drove to Nile Mansion and they were very immediately killed. Three hours of very frantic phone calls between commanders a decision was made that Amin had to be officially informed of their passing before he questions where they were.

An individual I know and an Amin confidant that was not even a soldier and not a Munubbi, was allocated the task of waking up Amin and informing him. When Amin was informed he hanged up his phone in anger, and he called back in 5 minutes, with a single statement, by sun rise you need to have come up with the story and it better be good. The man did not sleep again and it was a very reckless night for him. The other guy a minister I forget his name was his personal friend from childhood they went to school together. Yes they had the weapons but killing them was the very last thing on Amin’s mind, but it was the first thing on the officer’s minds and Amin saw it and he was worried about it. The death of those people was the first time that Amin had a very direct split from his command. They took the plan to him 4am rehearsed it and he agreed with it, then it was taken to Radio Uganda. Jonan Luwum was a killer that deserved every bullet he so got.

On a visit to Uganda Presiding Bishop Allin, center-right, sits with Archbishop Janani Luwum of Uganda, center-left, 1975

On a visit to Uganda Presiding Bishop Allin, center-right, sits with Archbishop Janani Luwum of Uganda, center-left, 1975

I followed that death to a point that I called a relative of Luwum before midnight to tell them of the death. At minimum I was that informed about it. The word from the government officially went to the families at about 5 30am before Radio Uganda broke the story but some parts of the Luwums family knew already.

What I will go after is why was Luwum targeted and killed:Uganda church reached a cerebration of 100 years, and a preparation was made to carry that cerebration nationwide, in a such as everyone was excited, Jonan Luwum made a plan with his fellow Acholi’s that were in Tanzania to use the convoys of the church coming to Uganda and ferry weapons into eh country. Weapons were loaded on trailers and driven to Uganda via Malaba. At a time Bishop Yona Okoth who was the bishop of Tororo also knew of the consignment. Bishop Kivengere that was in Kabale also knew of the plan. A third man that knew of it was Cassim Obura.

Through the guidance of Yona Okoth the weapons approached Uganda and got cleared, they headed for Namirembe and were received by Jonan Luwum. What everyone failed to realize at a time was that State Research, Public Safety Unity and Military Police had already been informed of the weapons entering Uganda and among the transporters were also State Research officials working as truck drivers and turn boys. The weapons arrived to Namirembe and got seized, Jonan Luwum arrested. The weapons were publicly displayed to the international community and it was not a concoction of Iddi Amin but a country saved by a government with a very good intelligence network. There are other Acholi’s that were arrested but Luwum and the two ministers were arrested that day and the trucks seized.

Bishop Yona Okoth and Bishop Kivengere on knowing that the trucks had been seized and Luwum arrested, bolted the country, thus Kivengere ending up in United States and Yona Okoth into Canada. As any stupid Acholi, Jonan Luwum was late to leave the country and he thus got nabbed by the net.

When you bring guns into any country including United States, you get arrested and easily end up kindly, I cannot see Obama sitting with ISIS to talk and when we go after Iddi Amin for he killed Jonan Luwum we are asking him to sit with ISIS. Jonan Luwum was not a holly man, he was a cancer and that cancer had to be cut out and thanks to Iddi Amin for the strength that cut it out for now we have real people than the graves Luwum wanted to install on Uganda.

There are two points I need you to realize here. After Amin’s departure, both Yona Okoth and Kivengere’s family joined politics directly. For the first time those very two families refused to produce future bishops but politicians screwing us today, second point, at the entrance of Yoweri Museveni into power, way even before he tied his shoe less in state house he instructed the decapitation of Cassim Obura for he was a bad Acholi to protect Ugandans from Jonan Luwum a fellow Acholi. If you want peace in our country join me into calling for the resting in peace of Cassim Obura for he probably saved your sorry behind at one point.

Friends let us follow the history of Acholi’s in our country, when they came back from Tanzania they went up North and decimated every living thing in West Nile including Dogs Cows and Hens, places like Ombachi was left with no living entity. They attacked and killed every one as long as you were a Lugbara, an Alur, a Madi or a look-alike. When you look closely at the Luwero war, even if John Ogole wanted to fight the war in what manner, he had no choice for Acholi’s grabbed it and used it to murder and rape everything in a God damn skirt, there are those of us that go after Ogole for he agreed to the stupidity of Acholi’s to become a murderer. When Tito Okello and Otunnu took power we all know what happened in Uganda, that is the true Acholi with a gun and with power.

Get informed about the issue then debate it.


Janani Jakaliya Luwum (c. 1922 – 17 February 1977), was the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda from 1974 to 1977 and one of the most influential leaders of the modern church in Africa.Luwum was born in the village of Mucwini in the Kitgum District to Acholi parents. He attended Gulu High School and Boroboro Teacher Training College, after which he taught at a primary school. Luwum converted to Christianity in 1948, and in 1949 he went to Buwalasi Theological College. In 1950 he was attached to St. Philip’s Church in Gulu. He was ordained a deacon in 1953, and the following year he was ordained a priest. He served in the Upper Nile Diocese of Uganda and later in the Diocese of Mbale. In 1969 he was consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda at Gulu. After five years he was appointed Archbishop of the Metropolitan Province of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Boga (in Zaire), becoming the second African to hold this position.



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  1. Hello Mr EDWARD MULINDWA, Thank you for your account of the events surrounding the murder of Archbishop Luwum. I am intrigued to understand why, after all this time, you decided to correct this misunderstanding that Amin was responsible for the Archbishop’s murder. Myself I am trying to understand the circumstances surrounding the death of my own father Robert Scanlon in 1977 for which, of course, Amin is held ultimately responsible. My father left home to meet Farouk at the SRB. He was never seen again and there is, to this day, no account of his murder or the disposal of his body. I wonder, would you, could you, possibly help to clarify this for me? Most importantly to know where his remains lay as we need to bury him in his own soil on Makindye Hill at his home, which also to this day has remained in the hands of one wealthy Mohindi in Kenya. Thank you so much, Chérie Scanlon British/Ugandan Dual National

  2. fred,

    This article was not intended to clear Amin’s name on the murder of Luwwum but an attack on the Acoli people. How come Obote is still accused of killing people yet he was never known to hold a gun!! Obura was a Lango not Acoli.

  3. L.Sempagala,

    Sickened and tired of Amin’s revisionist sympathisers exonerating one of the worst dictator of the last century. I remember very well as a small boy staying with my brother who was in the Air Force at Entebbe and the never ending disappearances of people like the late Dungu a bar owner in Katabi, an elderly innocent bar owner who was murdered and his body dumped in Namanve Forest on Jinja Road.
    This is an insult to the widows and relatives of those whose lives were tragically taken away by the cowardly Amin and his henchmen. They could see threats in shadows. Let us be serious and call a sped a sped.

  4. francis dora,

    Mulindwa,you seem to sound like a psychophant whose understanding of events surrounding Amins rule is very vague.Go and read Kyembas book titled THE REIGN OF TERROR then you will comprehend some ideas.Amin was a real fool whose action represented exactly the manner in which those stupid Kakwas can ruthlessly kill people without remorse.Needless to bring to your notice that you were undoubtedly one among those illiterate fools who unleashed terror on our own people.I think the killings in west nile by the Acholis was not even enough to retaliate for what Amins henchmen did to the Acholis.Mind you Kyemba was personal secretary to Amin as well as minister in two different ministries so i do not think he did not know what happened to the Arch bishop and minister Erinayo Oryema who was even Amins best man during his wedding in West Nile.So it is important that you do not mislead the public because after all Amin who thought he was immortal also ended up following the people he killed.Remember the rift Amin created between the Acholis and West Nile is generational and will always form a very vital part of our history.

  5. Ruth Atuheire,

    How old are you Mulindwa?? You are sound naive in your article??

  6. Nsubuga Simon,

    thanks for this information

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