Baby faced Sarah Kagingo who handles the president's social media platforms

Baby faced Sarah Kagingo who handles the president’s social media platforms


If it is true that Ms Sarah Kagingo is done, she must have hit on something bigger. I suspect it is about stealing public funds. Why? Because the website and social media is just a red herring.

Also, it is not a coincidence that YKM last weekend presided over a ceremony at the parents of Ms Edith Nakalema in Mbarara. To be honest Ms. Kagingo was probably the brightest of those in the presidential unit many of whom are old fashioned. When it come sto eating public money because that is what this nonsenses is about, the mafia, okay, read insiders are ruthless. Again to paraphrase YKM during the funeral of the late Canon Bikangaga (RIP), steal money but do so without diving the country. There you have it so you make the inference on Ms Kagingo.

It was the same mafia who leaked wrong fgures about Ms Kagingo’s salary. It gets clearer now. It was malice from within. Folks, in 1980 YKM accused the late Mr Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa of turning state House into dean of thieves. Well, it state house thieving is several time swore today under YKM. And guess what? YKM condones it. Yes. Hahaha.

I suspect it is an issue of accountability. Ms Kagingo must have tried to enforce order and accountability to the dismay of the mafia. So they leaked stories about her. The crooks are entrenched in state house of all places. The same state house YKM caused Mr Binaisa of letting in crooks. Well it is a lot worse today. All the thieving of public funds is plotted and executed there.

Every morning I visit the website of the Kenyan president to read about Mr Uhuru Kenyatta’s activities. There is or was no such website for Uganda.

It is pure nnugu for those entrenched to malice Ms Kagingo for doing her job. last night I had along conversation with a friend from Cameroon and told her about this saga. He said Africans hate result oriented individuals and prefer maziwa lala type who are eager to remind you about their titles.

But what are titles for without results? Ugandan parliament and cabinet are full of well educated folks granted some with bicuupuli, but overall impeccable credentials. But what are their achievements for the country? Zero work ethic in favour of corruption and me me mentality. I feel for Ms Kagingo because she gave it her best and see what she is paid back?. Asante yapunda ni teke the swahili say. State house is a place of kavuyo so they must have been terrified to see order and result orientation mindset.

There is something now called evidence based research or decision making. From your posting, there is ample evidence of what Ms Kagingo has managed to accomplish in her brief stay. If it is true that Ms Kagingo is out, then YKM prefers to be surrounded by mediocre type who do not care about results.

In economics people are compensated on the basis of their value of marginal product (VMP). May be it was her modest 8 million shillings salary-relative to Ms. Jennifer Musisi’s 30 million monthly pay- that attracted hatred towards her.

Uganda and Africa are in trouble precisely because those in leadership shun result oriented people aka performers in preference for mediocre types.

The White House attracts the best and I mean the best and brightest, yes ideological too, who go there for a few years do their best, make connections , go back to work and return again for some more experience. You cannot say that for African state houses.

Poor Kagingo.



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