FOR OUR ARCHIVES AS WE REMEMBER OYITE OJOK AND ABOTE:BBC Panorama Programme (1981) : From Tyranny to Disaster (By Jeremy Paxman)

Jeremy Paxman: Really, why all the gunshots and death around Kampala almost on a daily basis?

Oyite Ojok: There are a few bandits who are giving us well…a bit of a difficult time.
Paxman: Surely Brigadier, if these were just a few bandits why would you have have road blocks all over the place?
Oyite Ojok: I told you before, that there are bandits robbing guns, with guns!…robbing people with guns!
Paxman: We saw a soldier robbing a civilian’s bicycle and another robbing money from a woman. Now this may be an isolated cases but there are complaints everywhere of soldiers not only robbing people but killing some and this reflects badly on the image of the army, does it not?

Oyite Ojok: That depends how you want to put it…depends how you want to put it. If your business is going around looking for which soldier is robbing whose bicycle, may be you will find a soldier robbing a train!.

Paxman: But these are issues that should concern you.
Oyite Ojok: Sure! You show me which soldier is doing whatever wrong thing and I will take a severe disciplinary action against that soldier.
Paxman: Have you actually taken such actions?
Oyite Ojok: Absolutely. The jail is full up!.
Paxman: Of Uganda soldiers who have killed civilians?
Oyite Ojok: A few soldiers who have misbehaved.



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