Gen David Sejusa warns about Museveni plans already in the offing to abrogate the Ugandan constitution

Fellow Ugandans

I greet you all. I wish to report that the peoples’ struggle is on course and gaining momentum. Am pleased to also note that the majority of our people are now fully aware that the gimmicks of an election organised and supervsed by Mr Museveni will not work. Further, it is gratifying to know that our people have started to take seriously the question of Means and Time scale. All these are important. It is because of this momentum that we see the implosion within the NRM. I must say many of us are not surprised at all. This is what we had predicted a long time ago.


Free Uganda is happy to note the progressive shift in the ideologcal parameters on the issue of unity and cooperation of all in this struggle. Many people are beginning to recognise that working together is not only a necessity but the only viable option for the liberation forces to attain victory. We must all realise that because of the nature of the betrayal by Mr Museveni, most of the current leaders have been associated in one way or the other to Mr Museveni’s misrule. This is the irony of history. Most belonged to NRM and had thought that the ideals of NRM would always work for the people. Alas, it was never to be. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon all those who worked and helped shape this dictatorship, consciously or unconsciously, to join hands and to right this historic wrong.


It is in this aspect that we in FREE UGANDA wish to comment on the issues related to Mr Amama Mbabazi. We want to assure all Ugandans that it’s never too late to do the right thing. It is a duty for each of us to come together and stop the monster we created. It is in this regard that I wish to tell Mr Mbabazi that he too has a duty to join the struggle to end this dictatorship. How he does it is a matter of detail. All I can say is that it should fit wthin the wider scheme of things. After all, fighting a dictatorship is as much a science as is an art. So the methods may vary but must be joined by that common purpose. Therefore, Mr Mbabazi, like any other Ugandan has a right and duty to join the anti-dictatorship forces and allow Ugandans to achieve the critical mass desired to bring about the desired change.

We realise that along the way, there are many people Mr Mbabazi must have wronged and definately mistakes were made. However, this is not the time to make that accountability. People in a burning house have no time to sit and account. They need to get out first and help in extinguishing the fire and save whatever is possible. Once the fire is out, discussions as to who should or should not have done what, can commence. To try and do it now is to assist the dictatorship.

I am sure Mr Mbabazi fully understands the odds against him and surely, he, as someone who has been at the helm of that system, should know how it plays out. He knows that he cannot win in that ring of fire if he does not stand resolutely to the end. One lesson I have learnt is to never cut deals with a monster. It doesn’t work. So Mr Mbabazi must fight to the finish, no matter what. Lest he be devoured like all those before him. For Museveni, past contributions of people are of no consequence. It has never been. It’s about himself. It’s sheer GREED. In one dialect, you just characterize him as “ENDIIRA KUKINDUKA”.


Fellow Ugandans, I need to alert you that right now, Mr Museveni is involved in setting up an infrastructure to manage a flawed and rigged election. I hope the opposition is following what’s happening inside NRM and in other institutions of state. He is trying to set up parallel structures in all government departments to undercut the formal state institutions and structures. This is right from the security forces, police, to civil service, diplomatic corp, financial sector (especially banking), judiciary etc.

That’s the reason he is training that multitude of innocent young people to infiltrate into these departments, and later arm them and actualise a quiet coup against the formal state which he has found cumbersome in his quest to abrogate the Constitution. Many of you, I am sure, still remember that struggle we waged in late 2012 and early 2013 when he had planned to carry out a coup against his own parliament. This was at the time Parliament was threatening to impeach him due to his perceived hand in the murder of Hon Cerinah Nebanda. He did not abandon the plan. Instead, due to public dissent, he decided to do it slowly in a covert way.

That’s why you see the under the table manoeuvres of deploying the military in all spheres of public life. This is not a haphazard exercise. It’s planned with a time frame. I will discuss this fully in the near future. The point to note here though, is that the opposition need to start organising to counter these unconstitutional actions of Mr Museveni. Wars are won by those willing to fight them and time is as important as the space itself.

General David Sejusa Tinyefunza

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