You’ll find it interesting to know that, Mbabazi is extremely thoughtful, calculative and organised. I do not need to remind you that you know Mr. Mbabazi knows that Museveni relies on the military to maintain authority and therefore grip on power.

1 / The question that calls to mind is however, after what happened to Tinye and others in the same league, why is Mbabazi hell bent on challenging president Museveni’s authority? What has he detected?

2 / Does he have assurances from within the military that his back is covered in case things get out of control? In Uganda, cynicism dictates that, an insider can not challenge our presidency without involving the military. President Museveni did not raise the bar to that level. He left it where he found it for good reasons. Uganda’s political affairs will always be decided with the full involvement of the military.

3/ Obviously, Mr Mbabazi knows his former boss’s weaknesses, is he therefore testing the waters, but will coil back into his shell if he realises that his life is in danger? After what happened to Dr. Besigye, we know president Museveni will go all the way if necessary, once his authority is threatened.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that, Mr Mbabazi has not been weakened, to the contrary, he’s position has been strengthened, how? He now has all the time in the world to mobilise and eat into the NRM party structures. Secondly, he can now openly declare his presidential ambitions in time for 2016, to galvanise the youth and Ugandans in general.

That said, I also do believe that Mr Mbabazi should contact Dr. Besigye as soon as time allows it, to get some advice on how to survive the brutal and repressive NRM regime. There is a lot of tramped up charges, some real but on hold, awaiting Mr Mbabazi. Temangalo and CHOGAM cases, and some cooked on the Rwakitura farm, are likely to bounce back.

And oh! to spice up things a little, he might also rape his maid or something else!!! Anything!!




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  1. Simon Okurut,

    Oh he will be charged of sodomy on fake confession from an ” Okello” claiming to have been sodomized several times in the kitchen,  garden, in the car and the backyard and was always kept in confinement until this shake up took away the power the premier had, thus according him the opportunity to “escape” to report the matter to the IGP. Same sex relation is a hot charge in Uganda these days. Peter Simon

  2. denzol danny,

    mr mbabazi z cming come 2016 bt he beta declare his intentionz bz the rd iz nt easy potholes al over, humps,
    trafic jam.he should signol now

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