Folks,Is it Friday massacre in Ugandan politics?. YKM relieves Mr. Mbabazi in the big one and then embattled Lord Mayor replaces his deputy! So how does the Mayor work with KCCA?

Dr Rugunda is a mild mannered fellow whose temperament will serve him well. He is also a very likeable person going by his ‘ndugu’ affection. Furthermore he has not shown a naked ambition to become president of Uganda. Mr. Mbabazi let it get into his head that somehow his perceived closeness with Israel would allow another Col Bar Lev to hand him power. Well there is no such Col Bar Lev in UPDF today and in case YKM is in very good contacts with Israel.

It is funny but Dr Rugunda and VP Sekandi have a lot in common. They are humble, mild mannered and patient. These are huge qualities in African politics. Not surprisingly many including in the media ridicule them, but that is a huge mistake.

And let us be clear. Mr. Mbabazi is not a Mwai Kibaki whose temperament is more in tune with Dr Rugunda and VP Sekandi. When nyayo replaced Mr. Kibaki as VP he retreated to Afya House to serve as Health Minister. But he had one advantage: he had behind him a sizeable consistency and of course members of the dominant class and in the army and security services looking out for his interests. So he bid his time and the rest is history.

He went on to save Kenya from nyayo’s neglect and set it on the path for economic take off. Now can Mr. Mbabazi do that? No. Why not? Because YKM has completely kicked him out of cabinet. Furthermore Mr. Kibaki did not have the equivalent of Mrs. Mbabazi, Mrs. Hope Mwesige and Mrs. Nina Mbabazi Rukikaire creating problems for him everywhere.

Moreover Mr. Kibaki attracted some sympathy something Mr. Mbabazi is not likely to receive. Actually one of the people waiting to feast on him is a former Mitchelite the ‘rat’ by virtue of his membership in the NRM historical club.

It must be a tough and obviously painful day for Mr. Mbabazi and his political family. Did he make a mistake to hang onto both PM and SG? Now that he is no longer PM, the writing is on the wall for SG. His fate reminds me of the saying “the rat that grows old gets to feast on the cat”. Apparently as the cat he feasted on the likes of Hon Gilbert Balisseka Bukenya and many others. Now there are many ‘rats’ waiting to feast on him too. Power is sweat but also tricky.

I hope Mr Mbabazi talks the Njonjo way not what some UAHs suggested,i.e.. sending sister in law abroad to start a fight. What fight? To remove YKM. Hahaha.

YKM could take away their passports. So YKM’s treatment or punishment will largely depend on how the Mbabazi camp reacts. They overreact and YKM squeezes them even more. Bank loans could be recalled, murder charges-recall the young man shot in his Kololo home-could be initiated, Temangalo could be resurrected etc.

The Lord Mayor’s actions may be mere symbolism. But YKM’s bold move is pregnant with huge political consequences. Sejusa was damn right. Hello Professor Eric Kashambuzi!



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