Mr. Mbabazi’s political future is DEAD AS DODO

Mr. Mbabazi’s political future is DEAD AS DODO. He is political history. Ugandans missed something else. It was Mr. Ofwono Opondo who confirmed his dismissal.

Funny some want to make him an Ali baba yet he is not. And let us be clear, there is nothing Mr Mbabazi is going to do politically. Yes he is still SG but that will soon end through a special delegates conference packed with YKM loyalists. Forget the Nina held register it is garbage. She can keep it as her souvenir.

Now suppose I am wrong and Mr Mbabazi resurrects politically, where is his political base? Furthermore suppose he goes mano mano with YKM which regions can he carry? I dare say that Mr Mbabazi is actually not electable period. Forget the lies going on. He struggled to win his seat and people give him a chance to win Uganda. Not chance in a million.

What I see is some folks edging him on towards political suicide. I dare add that he cannot even say or do what Hon Bukenya did, which is defy NRM and somehow still stay relevant. the moment he left Luzira on trumped up charges, Hon Bukenya was a free man to speak his mind.

Folks get of the fence and tell the truth.If he were to successfully resist he would certainly be the first to do in several African countries. If history is an indication as noted on previous posts on UAH, his chances are very thin. And guess what, even those who were shouting before that they will die with Mr. Mbabazi are now more interested in protecting their fufu and believe me will deny him.

QN: are you saying party SG cannot be relieved of his or her duties through other means? What if YKM calls NRM’s highest organ to suspend him? I think there short cuts to relieve him of his duties as SG, pending a delegates conference. And were are talking about Uganda where the president gets what he wants.

Well, let us not waste time arguing for as they say we cannot be arguing whether the slaughtered cow was pregnant or not. The result would be clear soon.

So we get things clear. If you believe just one part of his CV, there are others too, but let us take the claim that he served in state research bureau during Amin’s time that would be quite something. So when did he leave the SRB? Was he still in SRB when for example, the Archbishop and the two ministers were killed etc? What did he know about that etc.And mark you he married a reverend’s daughter.

But if Ugandans detest YKM for overstaying, look at the people who helped him suppress Ugandans. Look at the portfolios Mr Mbabazi had held under YKM and other previous regimes. It even turns out that he was not only in SRB but was also apparently the director of legal affairs in UNLA as per the CV posted on UAH. So someone who goes back to SRB should be preferred and welcomed to replace YKM? Is that the change Ugandans are yearning for? What is it I am missing? Actually if it turns out that he was in SRB and director of legal affairs in UNLA then something is really wrong with Ugandans.

For me I am indifferent . I don’t give a hoot about Mr. Mbabazi. Erase that I was until the SRB bombshell came along. So what changes are Ugandans looking for? They even consider a SRB monster as a potential presidential candidate? Holly cow!

Yes it is time for YKM to go, but it does not and should not mean that it is the likes of Mbabazi to replace him. As the saying goes “enkkolo ssi mmere”/anything does not count as food.

Dr Rugunda has survived because he has no naked ambition to be president. In other words he knows his place.

Ugandans do not care anymore about performance. Consider the OPM which was and still is one of the most corrupt. Yet many mourn the demise of Mr Mbabazi, the PM who presided over most of that corruption.

And BTW why does Uganda need a PM on top of an executive president? What is it that would not done if the office of the PM was abolished?

Knowing Ugandans, I will not be surprised a bit if the Ugandan opposition, yap, came out in support of Mr Mbabazi. Phew!




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  1. I pity people like ofwono they speak out of ignorance, it all about the your sitting in but it’s measures. Those who like former premier are silence like him n it doesn’t mean he has no supporters

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