Museveni’s $50K bribe to US Diasporans while Ugandans at home are grassing

Museveni, has increased his sponsership to UNAA from the current annual package of $20.000 to $100.000 annually. Additonally Brian Kwesiga wasted no time by taking advantage of the Ugandan rulers presence by requestimg him to grace UNAA’s 27th annual convention which will take place in New Orleans, LA next year. Museveni last attentiended UNAA in Seattle, WA in 1994. Museveni also promised to renergize the current diaspora desk which has been under MOFA. Effective immdediatly the diaspora desk will be linked to the presidents office.

Imagine literally spoon feeding a twenty six year old “child”. That is what Museveni is doing to UNAA, spoon feeding the organization yet UNAA by now should actually be in a position to sponsor home based projects instead of depending sponsorship from Uganda to run U.S based UNAA projects, including partying and pocketing some change from the Ugandan Tax payers funding to a corrupt and fraudulent organization.

When i attempted to raise a point as to why UNAA should not get more funding from Uganda, the mic was cut off while some notable Dallas based NRM diehards were doing what was evidently expected of them. They booed me to the pleasure of their boss Museveni.

Joseph Kamugisha



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