Robert Scanlon was killed when Mzee Yosa was one of the top directors

Robert Scanlon was killed when Hussein Amin’s uncle Mzee Yosa was one of the top directors and killers at SRB.Mr Scanlon’s body has never been found. Yosa is probably the only living person who knows where Scanlon’s body was taken. Last time I heard Mzee Yosa was alive and living somewhere in West Nile.

Ask our fellow citizen the Scanlon lady to try and contact the other Amin son who could put her in touch with Mzee Yosa. Juruga Amin might not be of much help and as I said earlier, Scanlon may just remain a statistic of the time that Hussein Amin glorifies.The son has chosen to deliberately remain an idiot like the father. Perhaps leave Hussein Amin alone. Remember he said here that I concocted the name of a village in Apac named Aminteng. When I challenged him that the village exists and it was where his own step mother Nora Amin, the mother of Taban Amin was born before the family moved to Ibuje, he went shamefully quite except to call me names. Like father, the man is a sadist and an irredeemable idiot.It is good he has decided to join politics and start calling Luos names. They will respond to him in equal measures.

People really enjoyed during Amin’s time. I had the joy of watching people lining up morning to late afternoon to buy a hoe made by Chillington Tool Company.

A whole Brigadier Ali Fadhul Warris had to come and do that work. Then the next day it was ‘distribution’ of salt and each family was entitled to buy only 1 glass full of salt.

That was 1974. When Ali Fadhul stood up and said “sorry, this is the last glass remaining”, the crowd almost crashed him under their feet until his bodyguard (give credit to them), shot in the air and the big man was let go!

And people in the villages concocted derivatives from the ‘ilila’ tree to make what became famously known as ‘Ilila Omo’, and a song was actually composed about it.

Let someone from Lango and Acholi tell you how they came up with Lira Lira drink from Cassava millet yeast after even the slimy sukari nguru (jaggery) had disappeared. The drink had a name ‘Amin bed Ilyeri’ (Amin you can go to hell with your non-existent essentials).

Those were days to enjoy!

Billie O’Kadameri



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  1. Eh, Billie Where have you been all this time? I believe that I’m not the only one who would love to hear or read about the stories about life in Uganda of the past years.

    Life was good to some, but as anywhere else life was really hard for others. Telling the stories about how some people survived, you may notice tears falling from the eyes of some listeners and yet, uncontrollably laughing!

    Some stories may seem to be a provocation to some people, but the truth has to be told. It is from the truth that we can learn from the mistakes we made. We all can then join in the making of a better country in which tranquility and prosperity will be abundant and sorrow will be left only in the books of History.

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