I know what it means to be the son of a man hunged for a crime he did not commit. That man was Kasiim Musa Obura then IGP in Amins government. While it is true that many people died during Idi Amin’s government, including Obura’s first born [Airforce Cadet John Obura], many of those who died were never killed by Idi Amin or his machinery of government and my investigations over the last 35 years has revealed shocks each time. Only the truth shall set this country free!

There was a lot of internal subversion teams that fed Amin government with a lot of misinformation, disinformation and total lies, such as sending letters signed by forged signatures of Oyite Ojok thanking for certain people in Uganda who did nothing at all in the fight against Amin, often thanking them for their contribution to the anti-Amin struggle from inside Uganda. Which information was used to by the Amin government to condemn many people to death at the time in the 1970s.

I lost more than 20 other relatives on top of my brother [first born in my family] in 1977 alone. This happened even when my father was serving in the same government. But when the liberators came in 1979 everyone who was associated with Amin was condemned to one crime called “Amin’s Men” and the rest was history. Of course it is too late for many of us now. The key lesson for those who are younger in Uganda is never to allow such things ever take place in our country again. What I think this country needs is a truth and reconciliation process because we need peace based on the truth not gossip and perceptions against certain peoples.

When I talk about my father I never at any one time say his hands were 100% clean, because there is no doubt that he worked in tough times and I would not be surprised if ever he killed anyone. For that reason I offer on behalf of my late father and his entire family a call to forgiveness to any family who may have evidence that my father killed their relative. I sincerely ask for forgiveness for the sake of peace and reconciliation. We need it in this country if we should move forward together. Revenge will never take us anywhere and my father asked me never to be any part of people looking out to revenge at all and I am keeping my promise to him which I gave to him while he was on his death raw. A few month before he met his death in Luzira my late father [KM Obura] told me to lead my family in reconciliation and peace with the rest of Uganda. That is what I stand for now, I am not about looking to point fingers at anyone, anywhere, even the ones responsible for my relatives, my brother and or fathers death. I am totally committed to forgiveness, peace and reconciliation and a brighter future for Uganda. I carry no bitterness in my heart and I am a happy man for that reason.


Leonard Okello.
UAH member
Son of Kosmas Martin [alias Kassim Musa] Obura



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  1. L.Sempagala,

    Get lost Obura, for your info. the Israel State are still looking for German Nazi criminals who murdered their people even after such a long time. Murderers like your father should not benefit for apologist like you even if you are his son. Just think about the families of those he deprived of their family heads.

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