This should be aired on Ugandan television.

This is valuable historical material!?! Interesting to watch”the other side”. This should be aired on Ugandan television. Sadly I am not convinced our commercial stations are interested. Maybe UBC could make an effort to acquire them…legally.

It is true the Tanzanian brigade going through the Sembabule area met stiff resistance from the Amin army in the area led by Major Bernard Rwehururu.

Tanzanians lost dozens of troops in that area. Rwehururus’ fighters employed ambush tactics and would cut off the heads of dead TZ soldiers and hang them on sticks to demoralise the enemy. That 204 Brigade (I think, will check) was led by Brigadier Herman Lupogo and was mainly composed of Tanzanian people’s militia, and the troops were being deplyed in small patrol groups.

Major General David Msuguri met with Lt. Gen. Abdallah Twalipo (CDF) and decided that the Lupogo Brigade was a disaster waiting to happen unless changes were made.

Brigadier Muhidin Kimario was brought over from his job as Regional Commissioner and to take over from Lupogo, who was recalled to Dar es Saalam.

Kimario changed the whole battle scenario and the Amin resistance on that front collapsed.

Billie Kademeri
Tanzanians did not die in dozens in Ssembabule but in hundreds. They could not face Ugandans until Kampala fell. Other than Brig.Rwehururu, and a few l saw in War in Uganda, those events are not documented. There is a man called Kajubi who later became Saza Chief Mawogola during the short period of the late Prof. Lule, who traveled with the Wakombozi throught Ssembabule, who can tell us the full story. On the side of AMin, there is a man called Comrade Rashid Katende, who was a Mutongiole and later Muluka chief, who can also tell the story on the side of Uganda. l eyewitensesssd almost all the battles and the climax was on my home village of Nnambiriizi.
l was on Uganda’s side out of patriotism and nationalism but my father and grand father were on the side of the Tanzanians due to AMin;s Land Reform Decree, UMSC politics were Bukoto Nateete were supressed at least locally, and scarcity of goods and services. They were listed for Amin;s soldiers by Comrade Katende as secret collaborators with the invaders and were almost killed.

Ahmed Katerega Mussazi


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