I am off to Manchester to attend the Labour Party national Annnual Delegates Conference , the last one before the next General Election. I and many others who were expelled or resigned from the Labour Party when Tony Blair became leader and set on a course of destroying a great party with his so-called New Labour project, are likely to be re-admitted to the party. Tony Blair expelled us because he accused us of being “ultra-leftists”, but in truth we are the people who are the true soul and custodian of the party, and are the only ones who can rescue it from the doldrums. The Labour Party was set up as a socialist party for the working class, Tony Blair tried to change it into a right-wing party competing with the Conservative Party for the same middle ground of politics. His misrule has made it possible for the Conservatives to bounce back into power after they had been driven into perdition by the ruinous, cruel and totally divisive years of misrule and neglect by neo-conservatists grouped around Margaret Thatcher. The Labour Party today faces new challenges, I think the party conference is going to be concerned with what has happened in Scotland and the impact that it will have on the party’s continuing relevance as a party of power. Scotland has always been a bastion of support for the Labour Party, at the moment the party has the most MPs in the Westminster Parliament and can not win national power UK=wide without the support of Scotland because the Conservatives have a natural majority support in England, in the large swathes of rural areas, with Labour mainly confined to the large cities of London, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle etc where poverty and urban decay fosters disenchantment with the modern state and a rejection of right-wing neo-liberal policies pursued by both Tony Blair and David Cameron.

I am going to be taking my daughter along, but the good news is that I have been given a slot of 15 minutes to speak at a fringe meeting organised by Socialist Labour; they have agreed to hear and debate my report (this will not be part of the official delegates deliberations as it is a fringe meeting)


I am very glad to have this opportunity to once again address an internationalist audience, even if if it is only for 15 minutes because tommorrow, I am going to use the occassion to draw world-wide attention to the suffering Museveni is inflicting on Ugandans on a daily basis and the rottenness and corruption of his murderous feral regime. Labour Party Conferences always reserve a slot for international and democcratic struggles in other parts of the world, and in the past I have tried many times to put the issue of Museveni’s murderous rule and tyranny on the agenda of the main conference, but I have always failed to do this because Museveni’s government was in the good books of Tony Blair and any resolution that seemed to be condemning Museveni or drawing attention to the torrent of blood that was flowing out of Uganda was seen as a resolution sponsored by the “ultra-left”.

Please note that all delegates to the Labour Party Conference sponsor themselves, so it is not like in Uganda where NRA delegates have to be “facilitated” by the government to attending their so-called “conferences” or “retreats” at Kyankwanzi.

Thank You,

George Okello,
Hemel Hempstead,


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