I used to regularly attend UNAA conventions, but stopped because of what you have read and seen about UNAA. Too much infighting and nothing substantial. These days I prefer to spend the labour day weekend in a boot camp for inner city youths. The education escalator may be broken in terms of opportunities and standards but education is still the greatest equalizer so that is the message we take to the youth in the camp we attend with others. We try to inspire them that yes racism is real, but with discipline, patience and hard work there is hope.

UNAA elections next year will be hotly contested. UNAA is now captured by narrow interests, who need to be defeated.

UNAA is one of the greatest disappointments for Ugandans in diaspora. It had so much potential to do a lot of things but it has become an ego dominated forum. Nothing concrete has ever been achieved. No scholarships to help needy students back home or even here. Nothing about immigration lobbying.

At one time I was asked to volunteer and write a document about Ugandans in the diaspora, dual citizenship and voting. I wrote it, but it was the total opposite of what UNAA chaps expected: I wrote that just because Ugandans in the diaspora send money to Uganda, they should not be entitled to vote. And outlined several reasons. They did not like it but they had no choice because I circulated it widely. It is unfortunate because I have worked very closely in the past with some of the people in UNAA on Ugandan issues. We are now sort of estranged. FYI, one of the chaps who asked me to write the document returned to Uganda and I read in the papers laded a very senior position in the private sector and is due for promotion. To be fair he is qualified for the job.

So none of the problems or issues facing Uganda were ever discussed.

BTW, why don’t you folks in the UK try to create a similar forum but hopefully with better goals and outcomes. I believe there are more Ugandans in the UK.



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