I will not take time to respond to what happened this morning in the reshuffle sabalwanyi has made. And there three factors am writing about in this document.

The constitutional betrayal

When there was the constitutional amendment to remove the term limits Amaama Mbazi thinking that he was mighty, supported the removal of term limits together with his in law Hope Mwesigye in all this they thought they were clearing the way such …that people like Dr. Besigye don’t enter state house. In my own prediction they thought it was easy for them to easily enter state house since the old man would easily go but alas it was a miscalculation. May be if Hope Mwesigye who was then a state minister for parliamentary affairs would had not championed and offered to be the one to bribe Mps to vote for the amendment then maybe it would have been different today. So I can ably say that on this overstay and their lack of the space to fight to go to state house if there were term limits may be he would compete in the election and become president but he killed his own path thinking that he was killing the way for the others. Since am a mukiga like him [Amaama] then I will give him our proverb Nyakwehena akanya a hatema meaning that some mon defecated where he was supposed to slash.

Kigezi sub region.

Mr. Museveni should stop his appointments with kigezi sub region basing them on divide and rule because by replacing Amaama with Rugunda is a clear indication that he is using the people of kigezi for selfish reasons. However we are known to be resolute, deciessive and very intelligent people, such a people cannot be dragged into this, it’s better the people of kigezi not to join Rugunda in celebrations but rather continue the pressuring Mr. Museveni to get out of state house because these positions are being given to my region to use it!

The future

The future is for the resolute because Museveni can never go because of an election but because rather people are able to chess him as a people because Mr. Museveni is good at violence and rigging of election. Its better that Mbabazi even ceases to think of an election to oust Museveni because he can’t and if he thinks so let him officially declare his presidential bid. Lastly my prediction to many political players whom I have talked to has come true I have always told them that museveni was still studying on how to work without Mbabazi and if he one day learnt how to work without him then he would drop him and indeed it has happened.

Katurebe Joushwa


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