when you lose a position at the ‘High table,’ people desert you!

letter sacking
If Mr. Mbabazi’s and his supporters did not see this coming, then they are political idiots. And btw, Mr. Mbabazi was the author of his own demise and demise it is. His political future is DEAD AS DODO. For that he must blame the three women closest to him, his wife, sister in law and daughter Nina. They continued to engage in the equivalent of a positive feedback in science rather than preferring negative feedback.

For starters their actions simply escalated the conflict with YKM. Then came the idiotic youth wingers for Mbabazi who were obviously cheered on by MR Mbabazi or the three women. In the end, YKM had absolutely no choice but to sack him and confine him o Uganda’s political dustbin.

Now Mr. Mbabazi must face the system he thinks he knows or controlled. To his credit or political suaveness YKM bid his time and let Mr. Mbabazi mess up his life and mess up he did. He dared YKM to sack him and YKM has done so.

And ladies and gentlemen, forget the nonsense that Mr. Patrick Amana Mbabazi has his own network. Bure. Zero. Nada. YKM must have circled them and is now going to pounce on them kabisa. Expect some in your neighbourhood seeking asylum. Hahaha.

here is a kigganda saying “bwomegga toluma”/when you wrestle someone to the ground you do not again bite them. But YKM will bite Mr. Mbabazi and his supporters. You watch.

IGP Kale Kayihura is one of the winners. He actually played major role in enticing Mr. Mbabazi to play the game YKM set him for. And Mr. Mbabazi and especially his mdomo wife did not disappoint. Mr tear gas will tear gas them even more. Ndiyo.

YKM is a character. He waited on the day the world would be talking about Scotland to sack Mr. Mbabazi. That guarantees one thing, his infamy will linger in the minds of many Ugandans.

Sure some in Uganda are saddened, but many are indifferent. It is not a big deal.Actually we are more focused -relieved somewhat, do not ask why-on Scotland voting NO than YKM sacking his hapless and if you believe vindictive former PM.

And now the real scary stuff. Like nyayo, YKM could, I say could go for the jugular and cut Mr. Mbabazi not just politically but economically. He could end up in Luzira for his role in Temangalo.

YKM has all the cards and how Mr. Mbabazi’s three women and the idiotic youth wingers. Now Nina can hang on to that membership register. It ain’t of no value to YKM or NRM anymore. No more blackmailing YKM or NRM. Nina must pay the shylock or face the consequences. For Nina it is a triple blow. The shylock could not pounced because the father was PM. No more. Dunia.

Folks, how Mr. Mbabazi could make so many blunders is baffling given claims that he has his own network. Sejusa must be laughing silly in London. For him it is double victory perhaps. And Mr. Mbabazi cannot say Mr Sejusa never warned them, he did.

YKM knows that Mr. Mbabazi has no political constituency in Uganda. For instance, like YKM they both belong to the Anglican Church and so like the Scots voters that constituency is for the status quo. Similarly, both come from Western Uganda, yes, we are talking about ethnicity so there is no match there. YKM is still their man.

YKM wanted to send a message to all those NRM pretenders going around claiming that they too could be president. Not when YKM is the owner of NRM. Expect to see those labelled Mbabazi’s supporters do what many of Njonjo’s supporters did when he was called the traitor, deny him. Many politicians in Uganda are on the edge this weekend. And that is how YKM wanted it.You are going to learn how power works: when you lose a position at the ‘High table,’ people desert you!




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