I have recently had cross-checked the files we held at the DPP’s office when we were prosecuting Amin era criminals between 1982-1985. Most of them appear to have been removed when the NRA came to p[ower, and I understand are being kept in secret places. But some are still in vaults in the DPP’s office. One of the UAH members,Edward Mulindwa, appears in the CID files as Special Intelligence Officer,Grade 3. His nick-name to the CID/NASA is SNATHCER”. The CID and NASA were invesitgating him for 14 murders committed before the fall of Idi Amin. He got imprisoned for car theft as he had become a muyaye after the fall of Amin, and I believe he then fled to exile when he was released from prison. Mulindwa is not as stupid as he sometimes makes out here, but the noose is beginnnng to tighten around his neck as I am looking to have him prosecuted in Canada. His recent admissions to have been at the sight of the murder of Archibishop Luwum and even informed the relatives by phone within minutes of their deaths point to at the very least his role as a witness or accessory to the gruesome murders. Mulindwa’s recollections (confessions)of the circumstances of the murders on the day and time they took place is just one among many pointers that will nail him in the end. We have enough precedents now for such cross-jurisdictional prosecutions. My problem is getting hold of all the files we had at the DPP’s office as well as the CID records. I get very deeply upset when I see criminals like Mulindwa boasting about their crimes.

George Okello.



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  1. Jonny Rubin,

    The death of Archbishop Luwum and the two Cabinet Ministers, Mr. Oboth Ofumbi and Lt. Colonel Erinayo Oryema is still a mystery.

    The “official version of their death” is that they died in a car accident. The moment I read this version of their death, I was shocked, but was convinced that it was a lie. Firstly, one of the vehicles shown as part of the accident, was long before that day at the National Insurance premises, out of service.

    Secondly, remembering what happened at the International Conference Center before President Amin entered to address those present, including myself, I could not believe that those people died in the motor accident.

    Captain Ondoga, President Idi Amin’s Chief of Protocol entered the conference room in which we were all assembled and called out ‘The Leaders of Religious Denominations’, saying that “the President wishes to talk to you.” They all left the room and were directed by Capt. Ondoga to the exit door that led them to where the President was supposedly awaiting them.

    After quite a long while Mr. Oboth Ofumbi, by then the Minister of Internal Affairs, was led out by Capt. Ondoga. He also said that the President wished to talk to him. Until that moment, I did not have any suspicion that anything bad could happen to any of those called out to hear what the President of Uganda had to tell them.

    Shortly after the exit of Minister Oboth Ofumbi, Capt. Ondoga returned to the conference room to call out Lt. Col. Erinayo Oryema. As it was for those called out before him, the Captain announced that the President wished to talk to him.

    Lt. Colonel Erinayo Oryema was dressed in a military ceremonial suit, needless to state here that he was indeed as smartly dressed, as any senior Military Officer would be expected for such a presidential call to the International Conference center.

    During that occasion, the members of the State Research Bureau were also dressed in military uniforms and roamed about as though to keep law and order! Colonel Erinayo Oryema walked towards the exit door while Captain Ondoga followed behind. Reaching the exit door, the SRB soldier saluted Colonel Oryema. As the Colonel raised his hand to respond to the soldier’s salute, Captain Ondoga pushed the Colonel out of the door. It was clearly an act of disrespect of a senior Military Officer by the Junior Military Officer. In military Law, that could not be tolerated.

    Having seen what had just happened I knew that something was terribly wrong. A few minutes later President Amin entered the conference room, but used the entrance of another door, opposite to the one used by all those who were called out, supposedly to heed his call.

    President Amin was sweating as he entered the conference room. His first words were, “Allah will punish them”.

    After his speech which had nothing new, but a reiteration of what others had talked about, we were asked to go outside and “enjoy the drinks and lots of snacks.” The drinks and snacks were hard to swallow as the SRB operatives were going about and arresting some people.

    My hope is that the efforts of Mr. George Okello into this investigation, will reveal the truth that we have all been denied all this long.

    Byaruhanga Jonny Rubin.

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