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Day October 18, 2014

Kasiwukira was was one of the most smartest kids we had in our classes!

Eria Ssebunya Bugembe

Eria Ssebunya Bugembe

It is a very sad day for the business community in Uganda, to those who knew “Kasiwukira” his family and the nation as a whole. To see our so called professional police officers who are supposed to have some decent vehicles, ambulance at best, carrying the remains of a person who has contributed to the economy of the country in such a huge way at the back of a pick up truck, is very shameful to the nation, to you Kayihura and all your police thugs.

Am in total shock! Kitalo nnyo okufirwa Ssebunya!! !! “James Ssebunya” as he was better known to some us who grew up and went to school with him in Old Kampala Primary school. I remember “James” from his very early days working so hard to promote his cassette music business. One day while i was living in Nairobi in the early eighties, we met at the Stanley hotel in down town Nairobi, he was in transition traveling to the far East. “James” as i fondly knew him from our childhood days, treated me to a wonderful lunch in the same hotel. That same evening he asked me to take him round on a shopping trip in which he bought some gold plated door knobs for one of his properties in Uganda.

Eria Ssebunya Bugembe's house in Muyenga

Eria Ssebunya Bugembe’s house in Muyenga

Erias Ssebunya, was one of the most smartest kids we had in our classes, from primary one all the way to P.7. James, was always among the top three. An avid sports fan, very industrious, a person one could ever have as a friend.

So sad, i last saw him in person over twenty years ago as i was about to leave for the U.S was in one of his business locations at Nkurumah road, Kampala. I have always thought about him and will forever cherish our childhood friendship. What a loss!!

The Uganda police is not treating Ugandans with respect as individuals who have right to dignity.This is a serious matter which must be brought to the attention of both the media outlets and the police goons. Respect of the deceased is part of ones humans rights. I see the same pictures circulating in different media outlets whenevr there is such tragedies happening in our Kampala streets and elsewhere.

Eria Ssebunya Bugembe's house in Muyenga

Eria Ssebunya Bugembe’s house in Muyenga

Bundling thieves and all kinds of suspects on police trucks like in the case where retired Col. Kiiza Besigye, was thrown on and off police trucks as if he had killed someone, is unacceptable.

There is so much investment in all kinds of weapons and armored vehicles not mentioning stock piles of pink, red, yellow and green teargas but shamefully, Kayihura and his bosses have no regard for the suspects who according to the law of the land are innocent until proven guilty. No respect of the injured, the dead or anybody in civilian clothes.

The body of the late Erias Ssebunya Bugembe [Kasiwukila] did not deserve such public humiliation and nasty exposure by the media and their partners in crime the Kayihura thugs a.k.a the “Uganda police”.

The acts from both institutions, the Ugandan media and the police were totally unprofessional and deserve all levels of contempt. Kasiwukira was the 4th born of 11 children; 4 girls 7 boys. His father was Aaron Bugembe of Maya.

Kitalo nnyo ekya “James” Erias Ssebunya Bugembe, RIP OB!!

Rev Joseph Kamugisha

Mr Sebunnya has been the deputy treasurer of the Kwagalana group (the rich men’s club in Kampala). He went to school in Old Kampala Primary School. He began his business empire by duplicating and selling music cassata tapes with a brand name KASE which the street vendors) sold around the city in the 80s.He lost his dad at a very tender age during the Idi Amin era.

He would also burn music from the old gram phone turn table and transfer music on tapes. He later started importing tapes from South Korea and other Eastern countries, and became the first and number one distributor of cassette tapes both empty and pre-recorded music tapes before the CDs came on the market. His investments are in commercial and residential properties in Kampala City center and its suburbs.

When you speak of the nineties and the late eighties, almost every popular song in Uganda in that period went through the Kasiwukira Studios. It was run on a model of a recording label, where an artiste’s music album would be bought off for the price they thought best. It was the only and probably the last time that Ugandan artistes will ever earn directly from the sale of the music albums.

Nothing killed the Ugandan music industry the way CDs did. They came, they saw, they won us over and in the process dug the graves to which we buried our music industry. Lip-synching or miming was unknown back then, a music artiste always had to do live music, the CDs removed all that. Music piracy was the most expensive thing to engage in thus, most Ugandans never took part. Besides, why would one pirate music when there was Kasiwukira studios? Giving you a ready cassette tape with the full album of your favourite musician?

Kasiwukira music studios was the place that drew things out and gave them poignancy. It was the place that drew out the short sharp words of feelings and turned them into illustrated sentences.

Back then, it was easier to quantify and list the best-selling Ugandan musicians. It was simple, all it did require was for one to ask Kasiwukira how many tapes of Kafeero he had sold compared to those of Basudde for a specific season and you would have very accurate figures of who the big size was.

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