UAH’s Dr.Ogwal offers to take care of Jude Busima

To the family of Jude Busima and ANTHONY WESAKA:

I learnt about your son thru a Ugandan newspaper referenced below.
This is to inform you that I will take care of your son, Busima, if you can do the following:
1. Get your son a US visa to travel to the US asap.
2. Get him a return air ticket.
3. A member of his family may reach me via my email, or by phone at 001-217-615-8735.

My concerns:
1. Mr. Busima does not need a liver surgery to remove his gall bladder and gallstones from his gall bladder. Gallstones, like kidney stones can be be safely dissolved and flushed out and spare his gall bladder which he needs to continue to drain his liver and enable him to digest fat.
2. There are at least 26 different causes of yellow eyes (Jaundice) and palm.
3. Dr. Byarugaba and his friend, the Kenyan Doctor, should be asked to delay their December scheduled surgery until Busima has returned home. 4. There are safer, non-evasive and effective alternative methods available to deal with problems such as these in the US.
5. Most liver patients who undergo surgery rarely survive the side effects. His case is complicated by the fact that he has sickle cell anemia. But this too, we can also get him some help, once he is in the US.

Can anyone please, who is reading this message pass this info to the family of Busima and let them contact me asap.


Dr. Ogwal

Kampala. Jude Busima completed his Senior Four examinations last week but his excitement was short-lived after he received bad news from his doctor about his need for liver surgery.
Busima, 17, a former student of Seeta High School in Mukono District, is also a carrier of sickle cell anaemia.
Dr J.S Byarugaba, a consultant pediatrician notified Busima that his abdominal ultra sound report from Kampala Imaging Centre had revealed that he has gallstones and needed an urgent laparoscopic surgery on his liver.
Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery removes the gallbladder and gallstones through several small cuts in the abdomen.
Dr Byarugaba said it’s because of the gallstones that Busima’s eyes and palms have turned yellow.
Speaking to Daily Monitor on phone yesterday from Namulanda, Wakiso District where he is spending his vacation, Busima the last born in a family of six, said he is in urgent need of Shs7 million to undergo surgery that is to be carried out by a visiting doctor from Nairobi, Kenya.
The doctor is scheduled for the second week of December but Busima does not have the money for the surgery.
He is therefore appealing to well-wishers for any financial contribution towards this cause.
Any financial contribution can be channeled through account numbers ; 21456705010109 Orient Bank in the names of Muyama Juliet, Mbale Branch or 5220012096, Centenary Bank, Ibanda Branch in the names of Ainomugisha Eunice. Alternatively, you can send mobile money on 0774978941.

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