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UAH Stars of the Year (2014)


It’s time for voting! The most important phase in our annual competition “Ugandans At Heart(UAH)Stars of the Year”.

Based upon nominations that we received from our readers, writers and correspondents, we unveil below a list of nominees for “UAH Stars of 2014”.

The nominees are personalities who have made valuable contributions in several selected fields, making a great impact on their communities and on the world, at the same time writing good articles on UAH.

Please vote for your favorite one from the candidates in each field below by visiting the link below. Voting will be closed in a week from today

After receiving your votes, it will be counted and winners will be announced before Jan 25,God willing!

The person voted as the best writer of the year on UAH will receive a prize of £20 from the UAH founder. It will be sent through money gram.

Vote now and stay tuned to know who the “Stars of 2014” are.

Roots of ethnic conflict and Museveni’s intentional poverty

A case study of Buganda kingdom
By Lubega N (Economic Anthropology Analyst)

Dear Mr. President
The roots of ethnic differentiation therefore are potentially, of ethnic conflict. These conflicts can be economic, religious, linguistic, cultural, or racial. Why do ethnic differences often lead to conflict and violence? The causes include a sense of injustice because of resource distribution, economic and /or political competition, and reaction to discrimination, prejudice, and other expressions of threatened or devalued identity (Ryan 1990, p XXVII).

Today most of my references will dwell so much on Buganda as my case study because am Ignorant about other stake holders of Uganda like Acholi extra, but am not ignorant about what is happening inside my kingdom. This is because; Buganda kingdom is the only kingdom on earth which has kept a non written constitution for over 600 years. That’s why scholars who study human beings like me we usually logically say “Values are more much important than laws in creation of harmony in the society” Discrimination .

This refers to policies and practices that harm a group and its members. Discrimination may be de facto (practiced, but not legally sanctioned).Example of this is the harsher treatment that the baganda tend to get from the public service commission entitled for government human resource recruitment, police and the judicial systems. When Hon. Kyanjo requested the Army to regional balance the top UPDF officers because of the 95% dominance of army officers from your region, you just poisoned him. You constitute an investigation committee on the lord mayor where by, the minister who has ordered the investigation to take place is Tumwebaze, the Judge himself is from the same region, and all the lawyers are from your region where you come from. Remember, ‘’that is the only valued position for this group from the whole political governance”.

Besides that, you are promoting discrimination to disintegrate Buganda by overpowering a few counties to treat themselves as an independent sect from Buganda Kingdom. Recently you called Kamuswaga of Kooki and even issued over 7 billion Ug shillings arguing that it’s for their regional development program. However, you should know that

More than 100 years ago, Kooki signed an agreement a special relationship that dates as far back as 1704 existed between Kooki and Buganda. During that year (1704), two princes from Bunyoro conquered part of Kiziba chiefdom. The elder prince Bwohe sent his young brother to inform the Omukama of Bunyoro about the achievement, but the messenger was killed by an incensed Omukama. Bwohe, who had now established his influence over the area, changed allegiance from Bunyoro to Buganda for protection without any forced assimilation.

Mr. President you are now behaving like the colonialists who came with an agenda of dividing the communities and creating hatred. Your ultimate goal is to weaken [Buganda] kingdom,

You should also know that now 28 years in power, (Buganda kingdom inclusive of Kooki county) have been on your neck to pay the over 20 billion ugs which is an accumulation of office rent by your government in Buganda’s buildings but you have kept a deaf ear…….we are just cached by surprises when your donations target specific sects and persons (inside Buganda) instead of Buganda as an Institution.

Mr. President, in our discipline we say, Institutional discrimination means programs, policies, and institutional arrangements that deny equal rights and opportunities to, or differentially harm members of a particular group. This form of discrimination is less personal and intentional than attitudinal discrimination is. Eg new land laws targeted to harm Buganda, you destroyed our cash crops and food crops i.e. Matooke and Coffee by introducing pests and diseases, also we will remember you always from blocking our king to visit his people of Kayunga Kyagwe County. You said Sabanyala the cultural leader of ABanyala had warned you that, our king shouldn’t visit his territory because had no permission. Here you denied our king the equal rights vested in the constitution .However, we are always cached by surprises to see that even sabanyala doesn’t request permission, when it comes to his travels to the “little land of Buganda you have demarcated for us.”
Forced assimilation. Mr. President, I would like a gain to inform you that there is a great difference between forced assimilation and assimilation. Buganda kingdom all along has been using the assimilation policy. Forced assimilation aims at destroying the cultures of a certain group forcefully. Some dictators have penalized or banned the language and customs of an ethnic group which has created political unrest .

An example is you who want to ban the Luganda language in schools and replace it with Swahili. The second example is the anti-Basque campaign that the dictator Francisco (1939-1975) waged in Spain. He banned Basque language books, news papers, and imposed fines for using Basque language in schools. His policies led to the formation of a terrorist group in the Basque region. I bet Mr. President if you maintain the speed of your yellow bus to kill Buganda, more terrorist groups will be formed.

Genocide: The most extreme form of anti-ethnic (attitudinal) discrimination is genocide, the deliberate elimination of a group through mass murder. The United Nations defines genocide “as acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group as such” .(Ryan 1990,says prejudicial attitudes(hate)and resulting genocide have been directed against people viewed as “Standing in the way of progress”. Mr. President, we wouldn’t like to witness a generation of genocide. You have been always standing in our way of progress. All the above roots of ethnic conflict especially on us may result into a genocide but fueled by you Mr. President .I know your top officers didn’t tell you about what happened on ground during the Kayunga Saga in 2009.What happened is that many people from your region were beaten by angry youth who had made road blocks, many people from your region residing from Buganda closed shops, restuarnts and other businesses in fear of what had happened to their colleagues. All these unrest were fueled by you Mr. President because you have an experience and an upper hand of the Rwanda genocide.

Conclusively therefore, this is my final trumpet to you, to save the innocent Ugandans who have lived in peace and Harmony for a number of decades irrespective of their ethnic differences. STOP YOUR POLICY OF DIVIDE AND RULE AND ECONOMIC, POLITICAL INJUSTICES (BWONYIGIRIZA ENNYINDO, OGILEETA OMUSAAYI).

KENYA:Shocking, draconian laws in Kenya’s proposed Bill on terrorism

This is Uhuru Kenyatta and the first lady Margret Kenyatta back in the days. Is he the coolest Prezzi around? what do you think?

This is Uhuru Kenyatta and the first lady Margret Kenyatta back in the days. Is he the coolest Prezzi around? what do you think?

Time has come for Kenyans leadership to do what some of us have been urging them to do, which is enact tough anti-terror laws to deal with the problem of terrorism. I repeat there is no free lunch so folks, Kenyans MUST be prepaid for some trade-off between security and liberty. The big question is this: what is it they treasure most and how are they likely to maximize whatever it is they desire?

I have to come clean here and say that I have written recently to Kenya authorities with suggestions on the delicate balance between security and liberty, and the need for the type of Omnibus bill now being debated. I took advantage of the knowledge gathered from a conference convened shortly after 9/11 to offer some practical suggestions. BTW, the suggestions are not anti-constitutional because they shall, if challenged be found constitutional.

Once again, liberties are like markets, they exist within very narrow confines. Like markets, liberties cannot exist without an active state aka regulation. Needless to say America has the most competitive economy in the world because it is also the most regulated!. That is correct. So without the tough laws, Kenyans cannot enjoy the liberties they desire.

We cannot sit here in UAH and pretend that the world never changed after 9/11 as painfully illustrated by the CIA report on torture. The business of keeping the majority, okay the good citizens from the bad ones is s not pretty. It is a mess, but it has to be done.

Yes, the Omnibus Bill would give NSIS power to arrest and detain rather than simply pass on information which is not acted on in timely manner. So what is wrong with that? No more excuse fro NSIS.

It is not true that the Bill introduces torture chambers although terrorist or suspected terrorist may be subject to some tough tactics and longer detention.

The Bill also would give the president the power to name the IGP of his or her choice and fire them without hiding behind security of tenure. Why is that generally a bad thing? The fear is that officers will act to please the government rather than make independent decisions. That is one of the trade-offs that must be made.

I pray Jubilee will use its tyranny of numbers to pass the Omnibus Bill and give President Uhuru Kenyatta the tools and discretion he needs to secure Kenyans so they can once again enjoy not just economic rights, but other liberties such as night life, hanging out, working anywhere without fear etc.

BTW, the Omnibus Bill has received the full support of the Catholic and Anglican Churches in Kenya who have urged the legislature to do the right thing to tighten the noose on terrorists.



With concerted efforts from all UAH members, is it possible to overwhelm FB customer service with emails complaining about the closure? Do they have an appeals process for the aggrieved in cases of unfair treatment? We must be having some FB nerds here on UAH who can provide us with some insight of how these things work.



John Nsubuga.


My take is that time enables us to process what we see /hear and with reflection, we come to reality, after which you may either actively participate in whatever way your realization dictates. Take for example Amama Mbabazi, Besigye, Sejusa and many others who joined Museveni; they thought they had a good cause to risk their lives; some of us refused to be duped by a guy who openly stated that he would go to the bush if he lost elections, that alone made me dismiss whatever Museveni said after and many know that I am no fun of Museveni. I knew that the guy had a wrong agenda i.e. a weak person who wants to win at all costs but our friends were convinced that it was good to support a person who threatens to use force after losing and they very well knew his political strength. What has happened to Amama, Besigye, Sejusa and others who supported him? Haven’t they now seen what I saw way back in 1980 and for Amama Mbabazi, it is just less than a month when he realized that his buddy was a wrong man.

In physics, you learn about Reaction Time, a time taken to process and interpret information. People take different times to process same information, they will eventually make say same interpretation and respond may be same way but they took different times some take a short time while others take long. I used to give my students example of people in 100 M relay or race. The starter gives a commands, “Get on your marks, set, go!” They all get on their marks, they set, but when the last command, “go” is given or even before it is given, some already run and when it is given, some remain still on the “set” position while others have already taken off. But after a few seconds or a short while, this last guy runs like a mad person and sometimes beats even the guys that left him behind. This is the guy I often like to watch. After giving that example, my students often understood what reaction time meant.
So to come back to Eric not supporting you at the time, may be he thought it was good or he never paid close attention but it is also that he was too slow to react, it took him a long time to process the impact of the land act. To me the most important thing is that he has finally understood the import of the land act and how it is dispossessing people of their land. Just as we should not blame Amama Mbabazi, Sejusa or Besigye; they have understood how bad their friend is; for me I rejected to be taken in by somebody who joins election campaigns, always drew very few people in his rallies but always threatened to go to the bush, with elections the number of people attending your rally indicates the chances though it does not mean they will all vote for you but it kind of gives you the feel.

I used to laugh at Museveni then, in fact I used to be one of attendees of his rallies, just to go to hear how he threatened to go to the bush, sometimes we could be about 100 people singing “UPM, Egumire, UPM Egumire etc” and when he is about to end, we would burst into our national, I mean party anthem ” Ah aha UPC the party of the people, ah ah UPC, etc” I did not and I have not hated President Museveni as a person, I like him but his threats to go to the bush when I saw how weak he was a politician made me vow that I would be the last Ugandan to join his party but when he became a president, I had to respect him as someone occupying that office because he got unsuspecting people to support him. I respected President Amin, President Lule, President Binaisa; I respected, liked and loved President Obote, he was my hero!

You know Obote was a funny guy; some UPC members complained of widows disturbing them and Obote told him to leave those widows alone, that he alone knew how to counsel them; somebody interpreted that to mean his counseling involving sleeping with them; he ignored such comments but may be he did it, I don’t know so I borrowed such phrases.


Omwony Ojwok also negotiated his return to Uganda as Tinyefunza did

I am certain that Tinyeunza negotiated his return. I am not surprised because of what was going on here. Many years ago, Comrade Omwony Ojwok also negotiated his return to Uganda after many years in exile.
We were then part of a marxist group and had for the past year been
planning for armed struggle against the NRA tyranny. I had even offered to lead the military wing since in the group, I was the only one who had direct knowledge of a people’s armed struggle in action as I had spent many months with communist guerrillas in the Philippines, Colombia, India and Guatemala.

But suddenly one day day, Omwony summoned us to an urgent meeting at
365 Brixton Road. present at the meeting were militant groups from Guyana, Peru, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa with whom we
worked closely at the time. Comrade Omwony told us he had already made a decision to return to Uganda on humanitarian grounds, since his
elderly mother, who was then in London for almost 2 years, wanted to
return and die at home. We agreed that he could go as we did not expect the mother to live for long as she was very sick and physically disabled.

To my shock I learnt through the media that Comrade Omwony had been
appointed by Museveni to be the head of the Uganda AIDS Commission and a few months later was promoted to the Cabinet in some miniscule
desk-warming role. Come elections, Comrade Omwony threw himself into
the fray, this time as a fully fledged member of the NRA and was selected as as an MP.

Comrade Omwony kept returning to London as he still had a home and as
well as family in London. He avoided meeting any one of us on a face to face confrontation, I think the only time he agreed to meet with me was carefully contrived so that when I arrived at the venue, Miichael
Meme’s joint called AFAB in Dreptfors South London, I found he had already invited almost 30 other people. he apologised by sying he was in London for only a few days and he thought more effective to meet
all the old comrades in one sitting rather than face to face. I attended the function for 5 minutes and left, never to speak or hear from him again.

This is the same dilemma that a lot of the comrades in London are having with Tinyefunza. In good time, we will find out what he was up to. But on my part, I made it clear I would not participate in any opportunistic militarist adventure inside Uganda, although I am still willing to head the military wing of help lay down the proper foundations for fighting a peoples war, a war that I know will probably last longer than the little time I have on earth.

George Okello

Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro:

” Alot of distortions herein. Omwony belonged to UNLF- Anti Dictatorship (UNLF-AD) headed by Dani Wadada Nabudre ( Nontutuzelo Neumbe Nabudere can attest to what i am positing) and had Augustine Kayonga (Ex LC 5 Boss Kabarole), Yash Tandom, and Rugumayo in the political wing, in the military were Sheif Ali, Ndiwa Chemaswet, Peter Kamuron, Patrick Kankiriho etc who operated in Elgon and Rwenzoris. The military wing merged with NRA in 1983 but the political wing remainded semi independent of the NRM until its dissolution in 1992 when Nabudere returned from exile. Nabudere went on to represent Budadari in the CA and then left elective politics to start a community based University in Mbale- Afrika Study Centre later Marcus Garvey Pan -Afrikan University. He was offered the local government docket which he rejected (true to character) but as for Omwony and Rugumayo they accepted after due consultations with their colleagues in UNLF- AD. The return of this group was a group effort and was coordinated by then Maj. Henry Tumukunde who was Military Attache at the Court of St. James. Other prominent returnees included Kalundi Sserumaga, Richard Mugisha (of Open Society) Luutu Babuzibwa Mukasa and others I can’t readily mention. Sasa to posit that Omwony returned to serve selfish reasons is the worst insult to his memory. Kabalega Brian Ojwok you may wish to add unto this!”


There should be no doubt on the circumstances under which former exiled Gen Ssejusa returned to Uganda. Given the reasons for his overstay in the UK, the anti Museveni activities that he was involved in, his being a serving very senior army officer who had been declared a deserter and subversive, coupled by the VIP reception that he received upon return, its clear that the decision to return was his own decision subject to approval by only Museveni. Had Museveni not approved by threatening to arrest him, the Gen would either have not returned or would have returned but arrested immediately upon landing.

Negotiated return of exiles has always been ongoing though the one of Gen Ssejusa seems to be the biggest catch so far and that is why it has generated a lot of anxiety. All those soldiers from West Nile who served under Iddi Amin were allowed back through negotiated returns. The former DC of Luwero during UPC II Nathan Kalema negotiated for his return from London and lives quietly in Mbarara. Before Col. Muzoora met his mysterious death, government had initiated negotiations for his return from South Africa. What about Maj Okwir Rabwoni! Then Lt Bakarweha a lawyer who had been exiled with the Col Mande and Kyakabale in Sweden came back through a negotiated return and is now a serving senior army officer. Negotiations with LRA’s Vincent Otti went sour resulting in his death. Even those who cross from opposition parties to Museveni’s ruling clique undergo negotiations. Maj Rubaramira Ruranga is the classic example. Some other targets are simply compromised in return for being inactive and in extreme cases spying. The same applies to detainees or convicts like Tumukunde and Rwakasisi.

Such negotiations are usually mediated by family members, friends, elders etc and involves Chiefs of intelligence agencies. That is why Gen Ssejusa is not sincere when he says that there was no deal reached between him and the government. ISO Chief Brig Ronnie Balya was at the airport to meet him and there must have been other commanders with soldiers around ready to pounce on him in case he tried to breach the terms of the deal. The presence of his purported Lawyer, the landing late in the night and driving straight to his country home without causing commotion in Kampala was part of the deal. The lawyer was contacted by the Gen’s family members at the last hour prior to his landing and got approval of the the ISO chief. Otherwise without clearance, the lawyer could not proceed to Entebbe to receive the renegade Gen.

Such negotiated returns usually involve a resettlement package in monetary terms and in some cases a job depending on the profile of the target. The financial cost of Ssejusa’s air ticket, the fuel to his home, security guards, entertainment allowance etc were and continue to be met by the government. The security operatives around Gen Ssejusa may not be visible to every Tom and Dick but they are there for purposes of both his personal security and to spy on him. In the past we have seen situations where guards are withdrawn and government absconding to pay hotel bills for some returnees once government has lost interest in the target. Not all those who are targeted for luring into returning from exile do succumb; while others either out rightly refuse or simply go into hiding after eating the huge bait cash.

For Gen Ssejusa, the initiative to return must have been his own after realising that by continuing to stay in exile, he risked becoming irrelevant. As to why he did not come back on his own terms like was the case with Col. Besigye, the simple answer is that Besigye is more resolute than Ssejusa but more so they differ ideologically. While Besigye was persecuted into exile, Gen. Ssejusa was not persecuted into exile but while he was on a tour in the UK, government threatened to arrest him if he returned. Once again; “opposition to Museveni is in two categories i.e those who want to free Uganda from Museveni’s bondage and those seeking to get into power.” Given the situation, both categories are needed though the later category is prone to compromise.

Therefore, Gen Ssejusa’s return was a deal that was painfully approved by Museveni. “…he knows my address; we have been waiting for him for some months….”. Unfortunately the deal may soon be breached by both parties but with dire consequences for Gen Ssejusa because Museveni is does not honour agreements. Gen Ssejusa wants power from Museveni which power has just landed Amama Mbabazi three feet deep. He has a political organisation that he founded but as a serving army officer, the law does not allow him unless Museveni gives him an exception.


posted by Robukui

Mbabazi was humiliated at the NRM Delegates Conference and he probably deserved it!

First I am happy that the very people who helped create the current state of affairs often get a taste of the very treatment they mete out to others soon or later. Mbabazi is now the recent addition on the long list of sycophants who have fallen out of favor with the president. That is why I congratulate the party chairman for accomplishing all his tasks in achieving what he sets out to get.

I had written on this forum many months ago that Former Prime Minister had one way out if he wanted to retain his sanity. His only viable option then was to resign and retain some dignity, freedom and sanity. Leaders obsessed with power are very predictable in the way they do their things. They read from the same script. If you find a leader ignoring the laws when dealing with Lukwago or the wider opposition, you can only have yourself to blame (as a sycophant) to assume that this same leader will treat you differently just because you are part of his inner circle or you are his friend. Amama Mbabazi as the architect of the infamous KCCA act that effectively denied the people of Kampala the much needed democracy they had earlier on enjoyed does not deserve any sympathy from from us. It would instead be humbling if not exciting to read in the media that he (Mbabazi) has been carried in car boot from Kanungu to Kampala. There are more barbs than praises for Mbabazi. We all remember how obsessively stifled healthy discussion within his party of positive criticisms from the young men of his party. He worked very hard to have them thrown out of his party and out of Parliament. At least now they are in a better off position than Mbabazi. While they are able to receive legal redress from proper courts of law, Mbabazi’s fate is from time to time being sealed by mob justice he helped create. You can not imagine what kind of humiliation a former security chief and Prime Minister felt having to be stopped from talking at a function by a low ranking police officer. And more such humiliations are in the pipeline waiting for him unless he makes up with his boss. I am afraid to repeat my reading of things that Mbabazi has only two options. One is to make up with his boss (like Sejusa has done) or keep quiet and retire as the mob wants him to do. Short of that he might be risking the treatment like the one North Korean leaders give to members of the inner circle who fail to tow the leaders line. The writing is on the wall for all to see.

One of Mbabazi’s predecessors is alleged by the media to have said that the Party Chairman has done so many illegal things in the past and has got his way. He was encouraging the party diehards to ignore Mbabazi’s threat of seeking legal redress if he is removed from the post of the party secretary general. Mbabazi should seriously reflect on Kintu Musoke’s comments and take heed.

The militarization of NAADS program and other civil programs can also be ascribed to this to one of Mbabazi’s schemes just like he advocated for the violent removal of Lukwago from office and later government to use taxi payer’s money to pay for any compensation if the need arose in future out of this unfortunate event. You might all know that business at KCCA does not follow the civil rules. It only follows a chain of command from one source. Everything is done in a military way. First “do” and then “ask” questions afterwards. This certainly achieves results. However gross violations of rights can be expected. Unfortunately for the common man who might be wrongly victimized by this method of work, there is a century of time to wait before any justice can be dispensed. And indeed some may never live to see that justice. With the military taking over civilian roles and duties on one side and the yellow judges on the other side, justice can only fly out of the window. It is my personal belief that this situation will one day change; no situation is permanent. However, it will first get worse before it becomes better.

Welcome back to the one party system which was the original design of governance crafted by the bush war heroes.Under the current circumstances, it is only those who consistently stand for the truth who will survive. Those who are sycophants today and expect to become critics the following day will be mercilessly subdued using all available means into submission.

Typos and omissions expected, please correct them.

Kind regards,

Dr.Ibrah Ssendagire


After successfully changing the party constitution, from now onwards, the NRM is clearly going to operate like North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party (WPK), where the Chairman of NRM is some sort of a “Supreme leader” exercising absolute control over the party and government. Like the WPK, NRM will only pretend to have some kind of internal democracy, while in truth, power is centralized in the hands of the party Chairman. Although this was not discussed at their conference, it was nevertheless evidently implied in the “sole candidate” posters which littered the conference venue that General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is practically designated as an “Eternal President” of Uganda. Museveni has effectively created a personality cult in the NRM party (and arguably) in Uganda. The reality of this personality cult is seen from the level of intolerance displayed by Museveni and his (blind) supporters towards anyone who dares to challenge the “eternal president” for the top job! It seems those people do not understand the idea of NRM’s revolution – President Museveni calls them bankrupt, because they naively think that he can give them power.

In North Korea, they have a philosophy called Songun which means “military-first”. This philosophy gives the military a central position in the country politics. All social sectors are compelled to emulate the military spirit and embrace military methods. Uganda’s ruling party (and eternal president) are systematically converting Uganda towards this idea. I think most Ugandans still remember how the President abruptly directed UPDF to take over the Naads program effectively replacing all civil servants in that program. There was no policy guideline to this effect, it was the mere pronouncement of the “eternal president” which was implemented immediately and without any questions! Similarly, everyone probably knows that the UPDF has for all practical purposes been in charge of producing the national IDs. Colonel Stephen Kwiringira, deputized by Major Kweri Celet were appointed by General Aronda Nyakairima to head the National Security Information System project, which was given the responsibility of producing national IDs. On a wider scale, the “eternal leader” is already contemplating deploying the UPDF in all constituencies to monitor government programs! He mentioned this plan on Heroes’ day celebrations in Mityana (June 2014), the same day he declared that Naads was going to be managed by UPDF. All these practices tell the same story – that Museveni “the eternal leader of NRM” has steadily introduced and will now entrench the Songun philosophy in Uganda.

Is NRM reading from North Korea’s WPK script?

Muslim Muslim

Lessons from a Brother’s Kwanjula for young people

On Saturday last week, a friend of mine invited me to his Kwanjula [Marriage introduction] in Kyebando Kampala. When i received the first text message inviting me for his meeting i was a little surprised. I jokingly asked him whether it was him or his sons who were set for Kwanjula. He has quiet many big boys and girls. However, on a closer look at the message i realized it was him being introduced by his first wife.

The brother has three wives. On Saturday, we converged at Kati Kati and headed to Kyebando for the big do. The function started well, when it came to the introduction of the bride [Husband] he requested to speak a few words, which are the point of my thread. He read four verses from the Koran, which i will paraphrase. He read one from Suratil Rahaman which states that, Is there a better reward for a person who has done good other being rewarded with Good. He explained that he got his mugoole back in 1986, when she was just 16 years.

They did Nikah because back them they didn’t have money for kwanjula, and that is why they were doing it now. He explained that some people tried to talk him out of this saying it was a waste of money. But his answer was one, if the money will go to waste because i have spent it on my wife, i don’t care so be it.

Isn’t there something for young couples to learn from this? He read another verse, where Allah says “And give glad tidings to the patient”. He explained that his wife has been patient for all these years and therefore it was time for her to enjoy the fruits of her patience. He read another verse, where Allah tells believers not to forget their share in the World. Wala Tanisa Naswibakum…… He said it was for this reason that he was doing the Kwanjula for his wife to enjoy just like many other women are doing.

He also recited a hadith in which, the prophet said, whoever doesn’t thank Allah finds it difficult to thank humans. He therefore thanked his wife for standing up with him through thick and thin, which has brought them a long way. My point here is lets do the right thing first. With patience and prayers we shall always get what we want in life. Don’t turn away brothers because they are currently unable to Kwanjula or pay the Mahar of UGX 5M.

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