Has the social media crackdown in Uganda begun already? UAH activist group removed from Facebook

Well known activist social media group, ‘ Ugandans At Heart(UAH) Community’ has been shut down on Facebook. At 14.30pm UK time on 02 December 2014, Facebook, without any warning shut the group down siting a breach of terms of service as the reason. Seeing as UAH has tight moderation, what breach of terms of service are difficult to specify. The group moderators complained to Facebook and haven’t heard anything back.

This is one group that has been connecting Ugandans in and out of the country. Though it had turned mostly political, their decision to close it makes it look like Facebook has been compromised by the leadership in Uganda.

It had rules of discipline in place and it was well spelt out to all members, as indicated in our outside site at:


We had banned over 2500 members before its closure. We never allowed anybody to advertise on the site. We removed nude pictures if any members made a mistake to post them.We sent reminders to members to observe the forum rules. We removed posts that break forum rules. We fulfilled all the rules of moderation of a discussion group and there was no hate being promoted on our group.

The group had over 6,5000 members. A new page has been set up at https://www.facebook.com/groups/899442860088396/ for all the members who wish to rejoin the group. If any other progressive activist groups start getting this kind of treatment on any other social media sites, please contact the Facebook administrators, and let them know that they are working towards promoting dictatorships in Africa, and this is unacceptable.



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  1. kasulejohn14@yahoo.com,

    But who is behind this burning and I guess whoever he/she is a dictator!
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  2. Reblogged this on The inside view and commented:
    Ugandans At Heart, a 65,000 member-strong social media platform has been closed by Facebook administrators. The platform was well moderated and was aiming only at good governance in the country, Uganda. Some say the ruling party is behind the closure, citing numerous state-run facebook accounts that would report the page to Facebook admins

  3. lubanga henry,

    am wondering why they can only do that.they have terminated many from this land of the living. they should know that fire cant be stopped by fire we are to overcome soon

  4. Anoline Karegyesa,

    That is what happens when people join their voices. its the greatest weapon.

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