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Day December 13, 2014

Open Letter to NRM Delegates From a NEC member

Dear Comrades,

I am for purposes of this communication called Cadre Sharp, I am but one of you but for reasons we all can guess, It is better to use this open and anonymous platform of print media to share some important information that we may need to consider as we gather to deliberate.

So I begin by sharing what in my view is at stake today and this weekend, many have misinterpreted this conference to be a battle of control between our two most senior leaders Mr Museveni and Mr Mbabazi, they have said that we have come to strengthen one and bury the other.
I would like to argue, that it is untrue and misleading. What is at stake today is bigger than a power struggle between two ambitious men and their families. Were this to be the only truth, it would indeed be an absurdity and a monumental failure of our struggle for freedom and democracy as a nation

What is at stake today is the very soul of NRM as a party and a struggle. Is the NRM a mass party to be owned by the people of Uganda and be used as a vehicle to advance their interests or is it a private enterprise of an individual’s quest for power which has now become contested by two competing owners?. That my comrades is the question we must ask and answer

What is at stake is whether people who shed their blood in Luwero and other places in this country died so that we should keep certain individual leaders in power or whether they sacrificed their lives so that Ugandans should have the right to hire and fire any leaders they wish any time.? That is the question that faces us.

What is at stake is the validity of the opening statement in our national constitution which asserts that power belongs to the people and that the people will exercise it according to this constitution, they so painstakingly debated and promulgated in the early years of this revolution.That the same constitution, prescribes that political parties must be national in character and democratic in nature, that their national leaders must be regularly “ Elected and not Appointed” from Ugandans.

What is at stake is whether what commenced on 6th Feb 1981 was a peoples struggle to give themselves freedom and democracy or was a reckless blood thirst adventure for personal and perpetual power, fortune and glory for one of two families or perhaps even only one man.

What is at stake is whether 26th Jan 1986 ushered in a fundamental change in our politics or a mere change of guards from brutal naked dictators to a more sophisticated and educated type of the same, that has resulted in today’s no change ideology. Can any society improve if it rejects any kind of change?

Now my friends, we here present must find the courage to tell our leaders that Uganda must belong to Ugandans not to those who happen to be our leaders at a particular time and that political parties are public and not private property.

That God forbid that NRM should become the private political enterprise of Museveni or Mbabazi for that matter. God forbid that all the blood and sweat we have expended in the struggles were only to serve the selfish desire of our leaders to maintain and monopolize power.

We therefore have no choice but reject every proposal that usurps the power of the many and seeks to concentrate it in the hands of a few or one man. We must indeed prove that we fought the UPC government because we were and should always be better democrats than them.

Let us indeed demonstrate to Ugandans that the struggle for liberty, freedom and democracy we have been the vanguard of as NRM, was genuine, potent and still continues. If we do so we will have served Uganda and posterity well, if we do any less, we will have failed our historical mission and betrayed Uganda and posterity.

I am a leader in NRM, a member of a number of its national organs, a freedom fighter and above all a concerned citizen of Uganda. I implore you to consider these views seriously

For God and my Country
Comerade Cardre Sharp (CCS) Via UAH Platform.

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