My take is that time enables us to process what we see /hear and with reflection, we come to reality, after which you may either actively participate in whatever way your realization dictates. Take for example Amama Mbabazi, Besigye, Sejusa and many others who joined Museveni; they thought they had a good cause to risk their lives; some of us refused to be duped by a guy who openly stated that he would go to the bush if he lost elections, that alone made me dismiss whatever Museveni said after and many know that I am no fun of Museveni. I knew that the guy had a wrong agenda i.e. a weak person who wants to win at all costs but our friends were convinced that it was good to support a person who threatens to use force after losing and they very well knew his political strength. What has happened to Amama, Besigye, Sejusa and others who supported him? Haven’t they now seen what I saw way back in 1980 and for Amama Mbabazi, it is just less than a month when he realized that his buddy was a wrong man.

In physics, you learn about Reaction Time, a time taken to process and interpret information. People take different times to process same information, they will eventually make say same interpretation and respond may be same way but they took different times some take a short time while others take long. I used to give my students example of people in 100 M relay or race. The starter gives a commands, “Get on your marks, set, go!” They all get on their marks, they set, but when the last command, “go” is given or even before it is given, some already run and when it is given, some remain still on the “set” position while others have already taken off. But after a few seconds or a short while, this last guy runs like a mad person and sometimes beats even the guys that left him behind. This is the guy I often like to watch. After giving that example, my students often understood what reaction time meant.
So to come back to Eric not supporting you at the time, may be he thought it was good or he never paid close attention but it is also that he was too slow to react, it took him a long time to process the impact of the land act. To me the most important thing is that he has finally understood the import of the land act and how it is dispossessing people of their land. Just as we should not blame Amama Mbabazi, Sejusa or Besigye; they have understood how bad their friend is; for me I rejected to be taken in by somebody who joins election campaigns, always drew very few people in his rallies but always threatened to go to the bush, with elections the number of people attending your rally indicates the chances though it does not mean they will all vote for you but it kind of gives you the feel.

I used to laugh at Museveni then, in fact I used to be one of attendees of his rallies, just to go to hear how he threatened to go to the bush, sometimes we could be about 100 people singing “UPM, Egumire, UPM Egumire etc” and when he is about to end, we would burst into our national, I mean party anthem ” Ah aha UPC the party of the people, ah ah UPC, etc” I did not and I have not hated President Museveni as a person, I like him but his threats to go to the bush when I saw how weak he was a politician made me vow that I would be the last Ugandan to join his party but when he became a president, I had to respect him as someone occupying that office because he got unsuspecting people to support him. I respected President Amin, President Lule, President Binaisa; I respected, liked and loved President Obote, he was my hero!

You know Obote was a funny guy; some UPC members complained of widows disturbing them and Obote told him to leave those widows alone, that he alone knew how to counsel them; somebody interpreted that to mean his counseling involving sleeping with them; he ignored such comments but may be he did it, I don’t know so I borrowed such phrases.




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  1. Bakyengana Mbabazi Joe,

    Museveni warned…that whoever rigged the 1980 general elections, he, Museveni, would go to the bush.He did not say that …if he, Museveni, lost the elecctions he would go the bush. The two statements are directly opposite,Mr. Okurut Simon.

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