After successfully changing the party constitution, from now onwards, the NRM is clearly going to operate like North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party (WPK), where the Chairman of NRM is some sort of a “Supreme leader” exercising absolute control over the party and government. Like the WPK, NRM will only pretend to have some kind of internal democracy, while in truth, power is centralized in the hands of the party Chairman. Although this was not discussed at their conference, it was nevertheless evidently implied in the “sole candidate” posters which littered the conference venue that General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is practically designated as an “Eternal President” of Uganda. Museveni has effectively created a personality cult in the NRM party (and arguably) in Uganda. The reality of this personality cult is seen from the level of intolerance displayed by Museveni and his (blind) supporters towards anyone who dares to challenge the “eternal president” for the top job! It seems those people do not understand the idea of NRM’s revolution – President Museveni calls them bankrupt, because they naively think that he can give them power.

In North Korea, they have a philosophy called Songun which means “military-first”. This philosophy gives the military a central position in the country politics. All social sectors are compelled to emulate the military spirit and embrace military methods. Uganda’s ruling party (and eternal president) are systematically converting Uganda towards this idea. I think most Ugandans still remember how the President abruptly directed UPDF to take over the Naads program effectively replacing all civil servants in that program. There was no policy guideline to this effect, it was the mere pronouncement of the “eternal president” which was implemented immediately and without any questions! Similarly, everyone probably knows that the UPDF has for all practical purposes been in charge of producing the national IDs. Colonel Stephen Kwiringira, deputized by Major Kweri Celet were appointed by General Aronda Nyakairima to head the National Security Information System project, which was given the responsibility of producing national IDs. On a wider scale, the “eternal leader” is already contemplating deploying the UPDF in all constituencies to monitor government programs! He mentioned this plan on Heroes’ day celebrations in Mityana (June 2014), the same day he declared that Naads was going to be managed by UPDF. All these practices tell the same story – that Museveni “the eternal leader of NRM” has steadily introduced and will now entrench the Songun philosophy in Uganda.

Is NRM reading from North Korea’s WPK script?

Muslim Muslim

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