Lessons from a Brother’s Kwanjula for young people

On Saturday last week, a friend of mine invited me to his Kwanjula [Marriage introduction] in Kyebando Kampala. When i received the first text message inviting me for his meeting i was a little surprised. I jokingly asked him whether it was him or his sons who were set for Kwanjula. He has quiet many big boys and girls. However, on a closer look at the message i realized it was him being introduced by his first wife.

The brother has three wives. On Saturday, we converged at Kati Kati and headed to Kyebando for the big do. The function started well, when it came to the introduction of the bride [Husband] he requested to speak a few words, which are the point of my thread. He read four verses from the Koran, which i will paraphrase. He read one from Suratil Rahaman which states that, Is there a better reward for a person who has done good other being rewarded with Good. He explained that he got his mugoole back in 1986, when she was just 16 years.

They did Nikah because back them they didn’t have money for kwanjula, and that is why they were doing it now. He explained that some people tried to talk him out of this saying it was a waste of money. But his answer was one, if the money will go to waste because i have spent it on my wife, i don’t care so be it.

Isn’t there something for young couples to learn from this? He read another verse, where Allah says “And give glad tidings to the patient”. He explained that his wife has been patient for all these years and therefore it was time for her to enjoy the fruits of her patience. He read another verse, where Allah tells believers not to forget their share in the World. Wala Tanisa Naswibakum…… He said it was for this reason that he was doing the Kwanjula for his wife to enjoy just like many other women are doing.

He also recited a hadith in which, the prophet said, whoever doesn’t thank Allah finds it difficult to thank humans. He therefore thanked his wife for standing up with him through thick and thin, which has brought them a long way. My point here is lets do the right thing first. With patience and prayers we shall always get what we want in life. Don’t turn away brothers because they are currently unable to Kwanjula or pay the Mahar of UGX 5M.

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