Mbabazi was humiliated at the NRM Delegates Conference and he probably deserved it!

First I am happy that the very people who helped create the current state of affairs often get a taste of the very treatment they mete out to others soon or later. Mbabazi is now the recent addition on the long list of sycophants who have fallen out of favor with the president. That is why I congratulate the party chairman for accomplishing all his tasks in achieving what he sets out to get.

I had written on this forum many months ago that Former Prime Minister had one way out if he wanted to retain his sanity. His only viable option then was to resign and retain some dignity, freedom and sanity. Leaders obsessed with power are very predictable in the way they do their things. They read from the same script. If you find a leader ignoring the laws when dealing with Lukwago or the wider opposition, you can only have yourself to blame (as a sycophant) to assume that this same leader will treat you differently just because you are part of his inner circle or you are his friend. Amama Mbabazi as the architect of the infamous KCCA act that effectively denied the people of Kampala the much needed democracy they had earlier on enjoyed does not deserve any sympathy from from us. It would instead be humbling if not exciting to read in the media that he (Mbabazi) has been carried in car boot from Kanungu to Kampala. There are more barbs than praises for Mbabazi. We all remember how obsessively stifled healthy discussion within his party of positive criticisms from the young men of his party. He worked very hard to have them thrown out of his party and out of Parliament. At least now they are in a better off position than Mbabazi. While they are able to receive legal redress from proper courts of law, Mbabazi’s fate is from time to time being sealed by mob justice he helped create. You can not imagine what kind of humiliation a former security chief and Prime Minister felt having to be stopped from talking at a function by a low ranking police officer. And more such humiliations are in the pipeline waiting for him unless he makes up with his boss. I am afraid to repeat my reading of things that Mbabazi has only two options. One is to make up with his boss (like Sejusa has done) or keep quiet and retire as the mob wants him to do. Short of that he might be risking the treatment like the one North Korean leaders give to members of the inner circle who fail to tow the leaders line. The writing is on the wall for all to see.

One of Mbabazi’s predecessors is alleged by the media to have said that the Party Chairman has done so many illegal things in the past and has got his way. He was encouraging the party diehards to ignore Mbabazi’s threat of seeking legal redress if he is removed from the post of the party secretary general. Mbabazi should seriously reflect on Kintu Musoke’s comments and take heed.

The militarization of NAADS program and other civil programs can also be ascribed to this to one of Mbabazi’s schemes just like he advocated for the violent removal of Lukwago from office and later government to use taxi payer’s money to pay for any compensation if the need arose in future out of this unfortunate event. You might all know that business at KCCA does not follow the civil rules. It only follows a chain of command from one source. Everything is done in a military way. First “do” and then “ask” questions afterwards. This certainly achieves results. However gross violations of rights can be expected. Unfortunately for the common man who might be wrongly victimized by this method of work, there is a century of time to wait before any justice can be dispensed. And indeed some may never live to see that justice. With the military taking over civilian roles and duties on one side and the yellow judges on the other side, justice can only fly out of the window. It is my personal belief that this situation will one day change; no situation is permanent. However, it will first get worse before it becomes better.

Welcome back to the one party system which was the original design of governance crafted by the bush war heroes.Under the current circumstances, it is only those who consistently stand for the truth who will survive. Those who are sycophants today and expect to become critics the following day will be mercilessly subdued using all available means into submission.

Typos and omissions expected, please correct them.

Kind regards,

Dr.Ibrah Ssendagire

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