Omwony Ojwok also negotiated his return to Uganda as Tinyefunza did

I am certain that Tinyeunza negotiated his return. I am not surprised because of what was going on here. Many years ago, Comrade Omwony Ojwok also negotiated his return to Uganda after many years in exile.
We were then part of a marxist group and had for the past year been
planning for armed struggle against the NRA tyranny. I had even offered to lead the military wing since in the group, I was the only one who had direct knowledge of a people’s armed struggle in action as I had spent many months with communist guerrillas in the Philippines, Colombia, India and Guatemala.

But suddenly one day day, Omwony summoned us to an urgent meeting at
365 Brixton Road. present at the meeting were militant groups from Guyana, Peru, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa with whom we
worked closely at the time. Comrade Omwony told us he had already made a decision to return to Uganda on humanitarian grounds, since his
elderly mother, who was then in London for almost 2 years, wanted to
return and die at home. We agreed that he could go as we did not expect the mother to live for long as she was very sick and physically disabled.

To my shock I learnt through the media that Comrade Omwony had been
appointed by Museveni to be the head of the Uganda AIDS Commission and a few months later was promoted to the Cabinet in some miniscule
desk-warming role. Come elections, Comrade Omwony threw himself into
the fray, this time as a fully fledged member of the NRA and was selected as as an MP.

Comrade Omwony kept returning to London as he still had a home and as
well as family in London. He avoided meeting any one of us on a face to face confrontation, I think the only time he agreed to meet with me was carefully contrived so that when I arrived at the venue, Miichael
Meme’s joint called AFAB in Dreptfors South London, I found he had already invited almost 30 other people. he apologised by sying he was in London for only a few days and he thought more effective to meet
all the old comrades in one sitting rather than face to face. I attended the function for 5 minutes and left, never to speak or hear from him again.

This is the same dilemma that a lot of the comrades in London are having with Tinyefunza. In good time, we will find out what he was up to. But on my part, I made it clear I would not participate in any opportunistic militarist adventure inside Uganda, although I am still willing to head the military wing of help lay down the proper foundations for fighting a peoples war, a war that I know will probably last longer than the little time I have on earth.

George Okello

Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro:

” Alot of distortions herein. Omwony belonged to UNLF- Anti Dictatorship (UNLF-AD) headed by Dani Wadada Nabudre ( Nontutuzelo Neumbe Nabudere can attest to what i am positing) and had Augustine Kayonga (Ex LC 5 Boss Kabarole), Yash Tandom, and Rugumayo in the political wing, in the military were Sheif Ali, Ndiwa Chemaswet, Peter Kamuron, Patrick Kankiriho etc who operated in Elgon and Rwenzoris. The military wing merged with NRA in 1983 but the political wing remainded semi independent of the NRM until its dissolution in 1992 when Nabudere returned from exile. Nabudere went on to represent Budadari in the CA and then left elective politics to start a community based University in Mbale- Afrika Study Centre later Marcus Garvey Pan -Afrikan University. He was offered the local government docket which he rejected (true to character) but as for Omwony and Rugumayo they accepted after due consultations with their colleagues in UNLF- AD. The return of this group was a group effort and was coordinated by then Maj. Henry Tumukunde who was Military Attache at the Court of St. James. Other prominent returnees included Kalundi Sserumaga, Richard Mugisha (of Open Society) Luutu Babuzibwa Mukasa and others I can’t readily mention. Sasa to posit that Omwony returned to serve selfish reasons is the worst insult to his memory. Kabalega Brian Ojwok you may wish to add unto this!”


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