Desire Luzinda’s photos taught youths about Kiganda culture of visiting Senga.

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

We all love culture. In Buganda a woman will not be considered fully grown, ready for marriage until she has leaned lessons from senga. And Desire Luzinda sends a lear message that girls must learn our culture like she did.Therefore there is a good side in her revelations.Banyoro have their version of Senga which is built around songs of the Orunyege and amakondeere. The girls sing sexy songs partnered around traditional/ cultural Orunyege and amakondeere melodies. They are very melodious.

These cultures are dying because people like Rev Lakodo, the minister, ignorantly term them criminal pornography. As a reverend he is very ignorant about these things. Indeed, he will die without ever knowing the sweetness in them

In fact the Rev Minister is an enemy of Ugandan culture. Also an enemy of nature. God created these things to be enjoyed by the human race. But the Minister has incriminated them.

These Banyoro songs were taught by Banyoro iswenkazi(sengas) at very confidential locations, like Baganda take their girls at secretive bush(okukyalira ensiko) to be taught in the art of sex so that they can please their husbands. From what Desrie posted on the internet, she must have learned the art very well. Hence her song EKITONE nina AMAKULA.

The Banyoro iswenkazi train our girls in the art of marriage which Rev Minister calls criminal pornography. Perhaps Rev Joseph Kamugisha can prevail upon Rev Likodo to allow genuine training of our girls in the art of sexual performance and he does not brand it pornography.

Indeed, even my book, THE REVOLUTION OF UGANDA’S SEX STYLES CANNOT PRODUCE THE EXACT TERMINOLOGIES AND ILLUSTRATIONS I had originally intended to publish for the training of our people.

So, briefly, Banyoro have their version of senga, known as iswenkazi, and ours is melodious and arouses men instantly. Thesedays Banyoro girls have learnned to do what Desire Luzinda did. So, congratulations to Desire Luzinda for being courageous enough to tell the youth that Kiganda culture is worth living.

The day Rev Likodo will lift the description of iswenkazi’s job as criminal we shall record and sell vedeos of iswenkazis bedroom songos

Henry Ford Mirima
Kibuli, Kampala



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  1. I as I’ve mentioned Patrick like desire luzinda so much even if am very far away from. her country but I would like to inform her that we in a broad country from ug and even of is that we follow her music… thanks for this

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