Museveni Is First As Worst President Since independence in 1962, UAH online Poll Finds!

January 22, 2015 – Museveni Is First As Worst President Since independence in 1962, UAH online Poll Finds; More Voters Say Besigye Would Have Been Better

President Yoweri Museveni is the worst president since Independence in 1962, 60% percent of Ugandan voters say in a UAH online Poll released today. Another 18 percent pick late President Idi Amin.

THE Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

THE Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Milton Obote is the best president since Independence, 30 percent of voters say, with 28 percent for Idi Amin, 15 percent for Yoweri Museveni and 14 percent for Sir Edward Mutesa 11, the independent UAH online poll finds.

Yoweri Museveni has been a worse president than Milton Obote, 63 percent of voters say.

Uganda would be better off if FDC’s Kiiza Besigye had won the 2011 presidential election, 74 percent of voters say, while 8 percent say the country would be worse off.

90% would not vote for Yoweri Museveni again if the election is held today. However, nobody would get above 50% in the 2016 elections as the majority candidate, Kiiza Besigye, has only got 41%, followed by Erias Lukwago with 12%, then Amama Mbabazi with 10%, Both Nandalla Mafabi and Rebecca Kadaga tied on 7%. Yoweri Museveni comes 6th with 6%, followed by Mugisha Mutu with 5%, Olara Otunu with 3%, and Norbet Mao with 2%.

79% don’t see Yoweri Museveni handing over power to another person in case he loses the 2016 elections.

43% see Rebecca Kadaga as the best person to take over NRM in case Yoweri Museveni is out of the picture. Amama Mbabazi comes second with 21%.

Uganda voters say 82 percent that the Museveni Administration is not competent running the government. They dont approve of the way Museveni is handling his job as President. 66 percent disapprove of the way Yoweri Museveni is handling – Security.

The president’s character was also polled on as voters say 88 percent that he is not honest and trustworthy and 87 percent that he does not care about their needs and problems. He gets a 67 percent for lack of leadership qualities.

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  1. Why I am not surprised? In 1986 Museveni told the world that his was a fundamental change. Look up what that phrase means. His rule was going to be different from his predecessors period. Now after almost 30 years you people are surprised at the statistics? Museveni says he is still the same person who came into government in 1986 and has the same vision for Uganda. Read my lips….

  2. Bongonyinge J,

    There you go!. At least it reflects what you see and touch every day (not those other bias polls). As lawyer Clarence Darrow said; ….chase after the truth like all hell and you will be relieved even if you do not touch its co-tails.

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