Olive kigongo

Olive kigongo

From the few books I’ve read, females lose a very big percentage of their sex drive once they hit 50, which also tends to coincide with their irritating menopause syndrome. The sex toy industry is vibrant, who buys them? women in their 40s up, because their husbands have long gone with women with “Ebitone / talents”.

Ironically, men do not lose the love for their young at heart partners, but keep on going even in their 70s, man….., these fellows can grind…….!! But this comes at a cost because it creates a sexual appetite imbalance between couples in that age bracket. The love for their significant other will not go away, because it was not built on the provision of sex alone, but other historical

Factors in the case of Kigongo. That is why you still see many of them living together, but with zero action in bed. Typically, they also tend to have very, very large beds…15×15 to permit them to imagine that, the wife is sleeping in Lubowa, and the husband is sleeping in Natete. Even though they are both in the same room, and on the same bed.

Once in a blue moon, they’ll copulate, but how they initiate it is very interesting. One of them asks the other, from their Lubowa domicile, “Munatuwako lero”?? How many of you?? There is only the two of them in the bedroom, but the choice of words tends to be plural. That feeling is conforting for both.

The introduction of Viagra has exacerbated matters, because these days older men have made it a point to keep on going.Until you read in Bukede that mzee Joseph Kintu died on top of a young woman while in a kintu in a lodge some where in Nansana. Men are most likely to look else where to quench this thirst, but women tend not to understand why, and men tend to underestimate the implications. Kigongo is a victim of this same argument.

But where there is demand, the solution is supply, but since the Olives of Uganda are less able to satisfy this demand, why do they complain when husbands look else where? It is all about “Muchuzi….muchuzi”, isn’t it?? Where is the muchuzi in these women?

Since men are visual creatures, and that is what makes them tick, isn’t it true that once you hit your 40s and married you should work a little bit harder to resist gravity? Did you see Luzinda’s pictures? Oops!!, I might end up sleeping on the veranda tonight. But OK, how would these misses look in a pair of lingerie for the UAH’s Mulindwa’s who like them at that age?

Let me tell you. Once a Ugandan female hits the 40s up, they no longer care, but become “things fall apart”. For them, everything begins and ends at looking good in the face.

Let Kigongo be!!


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