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Sometimes we in the media distort messages by politicians to suit a certain agenda and quote people out of context. It is a practice common in many countries including the so-called big democracies. It is known as media bias.

During the debate on Uganda’s new constitution in 1995, in reaction to Ssabalangira Prince Besweri Mulondo’s rejection of federo as fronted by then UPC’s (now NRMs’) John Elyano Eresu, both New Vision and The Monitor quoted Cecilia Ogwal as saying Mulondo’s action had proved that “a good Muganda is a dead one”.

It has variously been said that it was Obote who first said “a good Muganda is a dead one”.

In fact, then Brigadier David Tinyefuza, while still NRA 5th Division Commander in Lira addressed a rally at Coronation Park there where he mocked that “this Obote of yours used to say that a good Muganda is a dead one yet he shares his bed with a Muganda. I don’t know if he enjoys sleeping with dead people’.

It was also said that Benedicto Kiwanuka once said in the early years before independence that “if Muslims think they are the only ones to slaughter animals, then why don’t they slaughter pigs as well?”

Is there any recorded proof that those leaders actually said what they were said to have said, apart from Cecila Ogwal whose words were recorded?

Billie O’Kadameri via UAH forum




some bankers are thieves.I lost sh.1.6m which I banked by ATM in Stanbic – IPS on 28th Aug. 2014 and it was never creditted on my account. My effort to recover the money were rendered useless when I presented a fading slip to the bank after 10 days because I had left for Arua to carry out Goverment work the weekend after depositing the money.

On Tuesday 2nd September 2014 I had presented the slip to Stanbic Arua when it was still visible but in Kampala the manager could not accepted my claim- though Arua branch had communicated.They even reasoned that their CCTV cameras had captured me withdrawing money instead!!!!!.

I challenged this by producing a bank statement of my account showing I had no withdraw transaction that day and some days there after.I asked them to show me the CCTV recording but they said it remains a preserve of bank staff – so I rested my case to plan to quit the bank!!

That is banking in Uganda.

Kibedi Nkuutu.

I had an experience complain from a lecturer from IUIU whose money amounting to 1430,000, (one million four hundred thirty thousand shillings) was stolen in a bank managed by Muslims in this country,little did i know that I would be a victim soon, just within a week later bank from which i receive salary deducted ninety thousand
shillings from my account with no explanation, indeed the banks in Uganda are formal thiefs.plz let us be careful when dealing with them

Maliamungu Habib.


Stories about Museveni are interesting depending on who says it. The other day I got a Somali in a clinic; we greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries; he introduced himself and added that he was from Somalia; I also introduced myself but at first hesitated to mention my country of origin but after assessing his friendliness, I told him that I was from Uganda. Oh, immediately said, “Museveni?” and I said, yes!. The old man told me of his friend in Mogadishu who slept in the same room Museveni had used in Sweden; that the man often brags that he is the only one who has shared a room with a president! But that his friend whom he visits yearly whenever he goes to Mogadishu says that Museveni is a pagan, has no religion and his actions are ungodly. Oh, I stopped him there and told him that Museveni is a Christian and that his name is Yoweri; the old man argued saying Museveni picked that Yoweri name for “Survival” and challenged me to name other Christians that behave like Museveni. I was going to argue further but my appointment to see the doctor came, I was called and that was it.

Later I pondered over the “survival” issue and wondered about its possibility; might it be true that my president wasn’t baptized but picked the name “Joel” in order to feel welcome as getting services during his time was pegged onto somebody’s religion. Another question that has kept me preoccupied is to unearth how the Somalis came to that conclusion, might have somebody tipped them of that secret, and if so, who was that person with Somali connections, could that person be Salim Saleh who has businesses in Somalia? My president is a pagan and yet he preaches in churches?

Peter Simon Okurut via UAH Forum.


Some times back we raised concern about lawyers in the north and the judicial system that runs that show. Ask brother Okiya here in the forum about his experience.My case took 8 years before a magistrate could finally fix for hearing and changed over 5 lawyers.To make the matter worst it was a RDC that took our land. Using his position and intimidation. Forging documents along the way as he processed his land title. The truth eventually caught up with him and got humiliated.

There is a huge problem in the judicial system in the north. I don’t know other regions but in the north people are suffering big time. There is a huge back log of cases and the majority is land dispute. Recently there was recruitment of magistrates to speed up the backlog but most of those magistrates rarely spend time in their stations.

Lawyers on the other hand are also part of the delay. They accumulated huge volume of cases in their hands leaving them with no time to research and present those cases.

In Gulu right now you will be lucky to get the registrar in her office. She is ever sick or either in her home region in the East. Some thing needs to be done honestly

Angol David Via UAH forum.


”Over the last few weeks, a number of serious allegations and pronouncements have been made by the Uganda government against my good name and a number of innocent civilians have been arrested and charged with alleged crimes. As an initial response to these malicious and false allegations I would like to state as follows:
1. I have never ordered the killing of any Muslim cleric in Uganda or of anyone for that matter.
2. I have never financed any killings of any Muslim cleric in Uganda.
3. I have no dealings with the ADF and I have never financed the ADF.
4. I have never formed or been associated with the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group.
5. I have never been involved in any terrorist activities.
6. It is now common knowledge, and I would like to confirm, that I intend to stand against Mr Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections. To this end, my team of brave and vigilant supporters have been traversing the country in a pre-marketing campaign as a prelude to my coming back to Uganda to register and launch my political platform officially. They have been doing this by word-of-mouth and by distribution of my political cards. They have not broken any law. However, the government has harassed many of my supporters, made arbitrary arrests, many have been beaten severely and a number have actually died. The government has now come up with the ridiculous accusations of murder and terrorism to be linked to my name in the hope that this will threaten the population and prevent them from supporting me to oust Mr Museveni, come 2016.
7. My pre-marketing campaign has been under the umbrella of the “Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation” as the proposed political platform. This platform is not a rebel group. This is a political platform and has no links whatsoever to the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group quoted by the government.
8. According to my original schedule, I would have come to Uganda this month, February 2015 or next month March 2015, to officially launch my political platform. Hence the scramble and panic for the government to launch a pre-emptive attack in a bid to try to stop me from launching my political platform. However, I would like to assure all Ugandans that I am not threatened or scared by the government’s machinations and I am prepared at all costs to lead the people of Uganda to freedom so that they can regain their dignity and their country.
Finally, I would like to convey my condolences to all the people that have lost their loved ones. In the end, and hopefully this will be soon, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes will have to answer for these atrocities.

God bless you all.

Dr Aggrey Kiyingi
(Prospective Presidential candidate for 2016)
Consultant Cardiologist and Chairman Uganda Federal Democratic organisation
Email: info@ugandafdo.com
Tel: +61-448161170

Who is Desire Luzinda? The new UAH member on Facebook?

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook

She was born in Mulago hospital. Her date of birth keeps changing because she wants to stay young. She was born a Muslim but later changed to Bulokole because her mother is a mulokole. Her father, Hajji Luzinda, had 7 kids with Desire’s mother. One of her brothers, Christopher Luzinda, is a pharmacist in Mengo and I have been told that he used to be a close friend of our moderator, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, while both at Kibuli Sec Sch.

She used the name Luzinda Racheal in School,a name She didn’t like. She grew up being called Nancy and at some point Desire but She doesn’t know how it started because She has been called Desire since High School and She loved it because it made her feel special and it brought out the joyful character in her.

She went to Buganda Road Primary School from Primary one to Primary Seven.She went to Omega College for ‘A’ level and Makerere High school. She attended Makerere University doing Development Economics but stopped in year two to pursue her singing career. She also attempted development studies at Nkozi University.Her mother wanted her to be a lawyer but she was so jumpy with men at an early stage. Her first recording was in 2006 at Fenon Records.It was titled Nakowa Emikwano.

She is a mother but remains single.She had her first kid after senior 6 during the vacation. She worked as a presenter on both Simba , Dembe FM and WBS TV at some point.

Desire has received a few awards and couple of nominations over time.She was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Artist during PAM Awards, nominated her song Kabiite in the category for Best Collaboration as well as Nina Omwami, Awarded for Best Afro Beat Single Nyumilwa Nyo.

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Dr.Kiyingi Aggrey is a Consultant Cardiologist based in Australia.Kiyingi is son to Azalia Ssebowa, a peasant in Busukuma, Namulonge in Wakiso district. The father, who was shot dead in the mid 1980s, was a staunch supporter of the Uganda People’s Congress. His mother is also dead. Their family was a fairly big one.

Dr. Kiyingi graduated from Makerere University, Uganda in 1977 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Since then, he has worked, travelled and studied widely around the world. He speaks Luganda, Swahili and English. He completed his specialist cardiology training in Sydney, Australia at Westmead and Concord Hospitals. He has been a consultant cardiologist since 1989. He is also a consultant physician with extensive experience in tropical medicine. He specializes in general adult cardiology and echocardiography and his clinical interests include preventative cardiology, echocardiography, hypertension, and general medicine. He has a special interest in cardiac failure, hypertension, cardiomyopathies, ischeamic heart disease and tropical cardiology. He is actively involved in continuing professional education for GPs and cardiac health professionals. He would probably be building hospitals by now if we didnt have a dictatorship in Uganda that is only good at destroying the best amongst us.

As a member of the Budo family, where he was from Junior up to A Level, in the mid 60s up to 1971, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi loved music, and was a member of the Nightingales, an elite choir group which used to perform nationally and internationally. He was in Nigeria house while at Buddo.His close friends describe him as a shy, polite but very intelligent man. His former classmates recall him as a boy who was sharp academically.At school he was a serious character who would not joke. He was also a very religious person, who became a mulokole. He was two years ahead of UAH’s Dr.Edward Kayondo(USA).Prof. David Bakibinga, the deputy vice-chancellor of Makerere University was in the same class with Dr.Kiyingi at Buddo.

In Kampala, Kiyingi hit the limelight as a philanthropist in 2001, when he started dishing out millions of money to churches and local NGOs. At one time he gave sh20m to Katuso Church of Uganda, a local church where he prays whenever he is in Kampala. The church is near his residence in Buziga, and he had a special seat reserved for him inside the church. He donated a piano to the church.Kiyingi was also in the good books of the Buganda Kingdom and the clergy at Namirembe, the seat of the Anglican Church.


Last year, the state took possession of Dr Aggrey Kiyingi’s palatial home in Buziga, a Kampala up-scale suburb. Before that, six properties belonging to Dr. Kiyingi were also sold by the state at shs.2.2 billions in the pretext of paying someone called Jackline Diana Asiimwe who claims to have lent money to him.Asiimwe allegedly supplied Dr Kiyingi of Dehezi International 1,750 bags of white cement worth Shs70 million which he defaulted to pay. Asiimwe of postal address 491 Kampala presented an invoice dated October 10, 2006 in which Dr Kiyingi allegedly undertook to pay 7 per cent interest per month of the invoice volume within six months.However, a delivery note was never counter-signed by Dr Kiyingi. Asiimwe also attached a copy of an agreement of sale of white cement dated October 15, 2006, drawn by M/S Tumusiime, Kabega and Company Advocates.On December 10, 2008, Dr Kiyingi wrote to the Regional CID Officer Kampala, denying knowledge of the said Asiimwe or having received the white cement. Dr Kiyingi stated that the case was a conspiracy, taking advantage of his absence from Uganda.Court attached Plot 140 Block 273 which is inside his compound in Buziga and recovered Shs80 million. They attached a balance of Shs33.5 million from Nakawa court this was a balance of Nakawa civil suit No. 392/07 Mary B. Kariisa and another verses Dehezi Property and another. This left a balance of Shs19.5 million.However, it is not clear how the balance of Shs19.5 million rose to Shs4.7 billion.

Likening Uganda’s government to the mafia, Dr Kiyingi says there are now moves to seize his family’s ancestral lands in Uganda.


Dr Kiyingi was once accused of killing his lawyer wife, Robinah Kiyingi, who was gunned down in Buziga but was set free by court. The State has since appealed the trial.Dr Kiyingi says his wife was killed for political reasons and says he was framed for her death.”By getting rid of her, they silenced her. By getting rid of me, they get rid of a threat,” he said.

After completing A Level in 1971, Kiyingi joined Makerere University where he developed an intimate relationship with Robinah, and went on to marry her shortly after university. But even before joining Makerere, where he pursued a five-year Bachelor of Medicine, Kiyingi and Robinah already knew each other. It is believed they met in one of the exchange visits between Budo and Gayaza High School, where Robinah studied. Although Kiyingi was based at the Medical School in Mulago, and Robinah at the Faculty of Law, he did not hide his jealousy for people who would be friends with her girlfriend.

The family left Uganda in 1980 and stayed briefly in Kenya, where Dr Kiyingi worked part-time at a village hospital in Kitui, Machakos and later at Kalolemi in Mombasa. While in Nairobi, the family stayed at the home of Robinah’s sister, Dr Eve Kasirye Alemu, who was then living in Nairobi.

In May 2002, he promised to set up a sh10b fund to promote computer awareness in the country. Together with his wife Robinah, he founded Dehezi International, a Kampala-based computer and Internet service provider, which has helped to sell computers to schools and other organisations at subsidised rates.

It was Dehezi International that designed the CBS FM radio website which was launched in 2002 and became an interactive medium through which listeners can tune-in to the radio over the Internet.

The marriage between Robinah and Kiyingi, both balokole, hit the rocks in 2003 when the husband filed for divorce in Mengo Chief Magistrate’s Court. He accused the wife of adultery. But some people instead accused the man of being responsible for the marriage wreck because he was seeing other women.The couple has four children.

He is the chairman of Uganda Federal Democratic Organization (UFDO) under whose auspices he intends to mobilize against Museveni in the run up to 2016. The UFDO site is down at the moment and we hope that Kiyingi joins Abbey’s UAH to save us from that journey to his unreliable site.

Australian-based Cardiologist Dr.Aggrey Kiyingi says no amount of intimidation will make him drop his presidential bid.This is after government revealed that it has incriminating evidence linking Kiyingi to the death of muslim clerics in the country.According to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Kiyingi gave money to the accused persons to recruit rebels into his group and also to buy cars and motorcycles that were used to kill Sheikhs Muwaya and Bahiga and to promote terrorism.

Speaking to KFM on phone, Kiyingi said he has never met any Muslim leaders as stated by government and that he is not linked to any rebel group.He vows to continue with his struggle for what he calls the freedom of all Ugandans by ousting president Museveni democratically.He further affirms that he is to return home to register and launch the party as scheduled next month.


What we know about Ms.Katiti Kironde!

This is Ms.Katiti Kironde,Great granddaughter to Sir Apollo Kaggwa, sister to Kaddu Mukasa, Harvard College Class of 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree in US History, winner of Glamour Magazine 10 Best Dressed College Girls contest In August 1968, and the first black person to be featured on the cover of a fashion magazine (Glamour). Kironde, who was 18-years-old at the time and an undergraduate at Harvard University, applied for Glamour’s “Top 10 Best Dressed College Girls” competition and won the highest honor. The issue was not only a milestone for the then 30-year-old publication, but it was also the first time that any black women had been featured on the cover of a mainstream women’s fashion magazine in the United States.She has worked as a designer of women’s wear for the last 30 years for small and large international companies and have also been responsible for fashion and trend direction.Selling more than two million copies worldwide, Kironde’s Glamour issue remains the magazine’s best-selling issue of all time.Her love for fashion and design is not a coincidence. Katiti’s mother attended Fashion school in England. Her mother died when she was only seven years old, leaving the sewing machine that Katiti adopted as her own.

After graduating from Harvard Kironde pursued a career in fashion–spending the next 30 years on the design and production side of the industry for a handful of major brands, including Laura Ashley and T.J. Maxx. She eventually launched her own clothing line, Katiti, only offering a selection of the perfect white button-down shirt. And in 2010, Kironde taught Harvard University’s first-ever Introduction to Fashion course.

She pioneered a fashion seminar for Harvard Freshmen in 2010 which explored the History of fashion from the 12th century to the present. Over the years she has mentored Harvard/Radcliffe students who are interested in fashion through the Radcliffe Mentor program and has acted as an advisor to the Eleganza Fashion Show that Harvard students put on every spring.

She currently designs an eponymous line of white women white shirts and is teaching fashion at Fisher College in Boston. She is president of the Kironde Health and Education Fund; a nonprofit organization that was named for her late father Apollo Kironde, a former ambassador to the UN from Uganda and a pioneer in that country’s struggle for independence. The fund works to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children can have access to such basic things as clean water, medicine and an education. She is also on the board of Melange; an organization that was started by a Harvard graduate to celebrate diversity through fashion and the arts.

With an education from five countries, Katiti is well spoken and articulate but refreshingly down to earth.Unfortunately, Katiti is married to a white man instead of a fellow Ugandan.

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook


Olive kigongo

Olive kigongo

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook

Olive Kigongo is not a member of UAH but she is the president of Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Uganda National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UNCCI) is the only umbrella organization of the business community that was there before and after Uganda’s Independence. Established in 1933 by the business community then, it is the embodiment of the pre and post-independence business development in Uganda. Currently it boasts of over 10,000 registered members who are spread throughout the country and they are diligently served by the 10 regional and 80 district offices. The national outreach makes UNCCI the best one stop-centre where issues and information regarding doing business and investment in Uganda can be addressed appropriately.

Ms Kigongo, has held several leadership positions which include; Managing Director of Mosa Court Apartments, Homes Ltd, Global village Investments. She is currently the Managing Director of Amagara Skin Scare and is a Patron of Young Achievers Awards.She is gifted with one of the most flawless smooth skins in the country. CNN recently broadcast an interview conducted with two directors of the skin care line, Anisha Kigongo and Shakib Nsubuga, at the company’s home at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute in Nakawa.Amagara means “Life” in Runyankole – a local dialect. The skin care line opened shop in 2012. When Sivi Kigongo and her mother Olive Kigongo thought up the idea of making a skin care line in Uganda, never in their wildest dreams did they anticipate such success.

She is married to NRM Vice chairman, Alhajji Moses Kigongo, and have 5 children between them.She was named Zaitun after marrying Hajji KIGONGO and we dont know if she will drop the name if the rumours that she wants a divorce from her hubby are true. May be her fellow Muslim brother, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba will explain to us more.She is an ardent support of Islamic Banking.

Apparently, she is divorcing because her hubby has got a new woman on the block in the names of NTV’s Nakazibwe Farida. Before she married Kiggongo, she was a partner to Captain Francis Babu. How she ended up with Kigongo, we dont know.Through her lawyers Kwesigabo, Bamwiine and Walubiri Advocates, Olive has taken the battle for the multi-million property at the Kampala High Court.

In 2009, she was questioned over sh385m received from the Global Fund. Ssemuju Nganda said that ”Hajji Moses Kigongo receives less credit for his role in the success of the bush war that brought Gen Yoweri Museveni to power than he deserves. For example, few people remember that he headed the Western Axis that eventually launched a major offensive, enabling the NRA for the first time in four years to seize territory from Milton Obote’s government.”


Hon.Tumwebaze Frank

Hon.Tumwebaze Frank

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook

Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze was born when Amin was the president of Uganda in the rural village of Bisozi in Nkoma sub-county in Kamwenge district on 1st December 1975. His father is still alive and he is called Matayo Kagyigyi. His mother died in 2011 and was buried in the same village. It is not known whether the Kagyigyis are Batooro or Banyarwanda or Banyankole by tribe as Frank’s Father just migrated to Bisozi from Ankole. His parents had 7 kids between them and Frank is the third born. His mother used to sell ghee as an occupation but the family were cattle keepers. One of his sisters is now a nurse in Uganda but few of his siblings went to school.

Frank is married with kids and politician. His wife is a lawyer by profession. He is the current Minister for the Presidency & Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), in the Ugandan Cabinet. He was appointed to that position on 15 August 2012.He replaced Kabakumba Masiko, who resigned from government on 14 December 2011, following allegations of abuse of office, theft by taking, causing monetary loss to the government and conspiracy to defraud government.Frank Tumwebaze is also the elected Member of Parliament for Kibale County in Kamwenge District, on the National Resistance Movement (NRM) political party ticket.

Just like Justine Lumumba, Frank is also a teacher by profession. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc/Ed), obtained in 1999, from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). He also holds the degree of Masters in International and Diplomatic Studies (MIDS), obtained in 2005, from Makerere University. He did his O Levels at Kazo S.S AFTER joining Nombe SS in Rubindi in Kashaari in 1990 for one year and later joining Jinja College, and Old Kampala S.S for A levels in 1994. It was his mother who got him a place at Nombe S.S. He has basically grown up under Museveni as a man. He is known to be arrogant and immature especially in the way he attacks others in public. He did his primary education at from 1983 at the local church school called Bwitankanja church school before later joining Bisozi primary school.His first time to wear shoes is when he joined OLd Kampala S.S and that explains probably his appetite for money now. He was a head prefect in schools and guild speaker at Mbarara University.

He was recruited in 2000 to work in URA at the time Allen Kagina and Janet Museveni conspired to recruit a lot of ‘BALOKOLE’ to dominate that organisation. He officially lists his religion as a protestant. In 2001, he was appointed Deputy Resident District Commissioner and was posted to Iganga District, serving in that capacity until 2003. He was then brought into State House, where he served as a Special Presidential Assistant for Research and Information, from 2003 until 2005. In 2006, he entered elective politics by contesting the parliamentary constituency of Kibale County, Kamwenge District.In a cabinet reshuffle on 15 August 2012, he was appointed Minister for the Presidency. The only time he has ever used his teaching profession was during his senior 6 vacation when he went to teach at Kaaro High School, near the president’s Rwakitura home. But unlike Janet Museveni, Frank Tumwebaze did internship at Kashaka Girls’ SSS in Mbarara. He dreams of being the biggest farmer in future at his village where he was born.

Frank is known to attack anything that is anti-Mmuseveni, and that is why he hates Ugandans At Heart(UAH) forum with passion.He allegedly proposed to the president to start up a social networking team that is going to destroy forums such as UAH on internet, and this team was trained in Russia but are now back in Uganda. He says he doesn’t hate Erias Lukwago but he only chooses to tell the truth when it suits him. He was first linked to Museveni by Odrek Rwabwogo and Mayombo in 2000, and that’s how he got the post at the movement secretariat as a media assistant to director of information. That is the time he started writing articles in newspapers that got Museveni’s attention. Late Mayombo contributed a lot to Frank Tumwebaze’s wedding financially. He basically owes everything he has got in life to president Museveni and they are so many men and women like him.

After allegations that shs.10b has been found on his fixed deposit account, he posted the following message on facebook. He attacked Mbabazi instead of telling Ugandans what that money is doing on his account, and whether its true or not.

”Friends, greetings and happy new year.Just to alert you to ignore and treat with contempt the rumour being peddled and doing rounds on various social media pages and whatsapp that am on suspension. Its all rubbish. It’s not surprising though. I know the group and their political master behind all this. After he schemed unsuccessfully to achieve his political maneuvers, he now sees Frank Tumwebaze and some others as his biggest obstacle. My assurances to him and his agents however is that; no amount of their cheap blackmail and mudslinging will silence me into submission. Am happy they feel me as a pain in their crumbling political infrastructure.I am not about to desert the NRM struggle . Unless they succeed in eliminating my life, a venture they have also been investing in, no amount of their cheap propaganda will kill my spirit and political activism ability in defence of the NRM revolutionary principles. Their cheap falsehoods against me are easy to discern and dismantle. But the short of it is that, they are desperate and believe that by targeting to tarnish the image of people perceived to be NRM and m7 strong activists, they will succeed in intimidating them into submission and therefore into silence. I pity them.

See the rubbish they have authored and promoted on various social media platforms and whatsapp groups;

“Frank Tumwebaze,the minister for presidency is under investigation after security agencies discovered 10 billion shillings on his fixed deposit account in crane bank,Tumwebaze failed to explain the source of the money in a meeting chaired by President Museveni at Rwakitura on the 31st of December,2014.The President has assigned Security minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa the portfolio for Presidency and Kampala untill the investigations are complete”

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