Some times back we raised concern about lawyers in the north and the judicial system that runs that show. Ask brother Okiya here in the forum about his experience.My case took 8 years before a magistrate could finally fix for hearing and changed over 5 lawyers.To make the matter worst it was a RDC that took our land. Using his position and intimidation. Forging documents along the way as he processed his land title. The truth eventually caught up with him and got humiliated.

There is a huge problem in the judicial system in the north. I don’t know other regions but in the north people are suffering big time. There is a huge back log of cases and the majority is land dispute. Recently there was recruitment of magistrates to speed up the backlog but most of those magistrates rarely spend time in their stations.

Lawyers on the other hand are also part of the delay. They accumulated huge volume of cases in their hands leaving them with no time to research and present those cases.

In Gulu right now you will be lucky to get the registrar in her office. She is ever sick or either in her home region in the East. Some thing needs to be done honestly

Angol David Via UAH forum.


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