NRM WIN IN BUSIA Was Due to the Good Campaign run by the Party

NRM campaign team being supported by NRM Diaspora League under the Leadership of Mr Abbey Walusimbi led a winning campaign in Busia LC 5 by-election which saw the NRM candidate, Stephen Oundo Wanyama, win the Busia District leadership.

Mr Wanyana got 31,443 votes defeating is closest rival Mr Deo Hasubi who garnered 21,844 votes, the NRM campaign was well organised and well managed; the door to door campaign was very effective and productive.

A team of NRM Diaspora league members led by their Chairman Mr Walusimbi worked hand in hand with local NRM leaders to campaign for Mr Wanyama, by informing voter the benefit of voting in NRM and the achievements of NRM in the District.

Voters in Busia took the message at heart and voted in the NRM man with great support. Credit must go to Secretary General Hon Justine Lumumba, Deputy Secretary Richard Todwong and NRM Diaspora League for the good campaign they run in the District and the effort they put in.

The people of Busia had a choice and they took the opportunity by choosing a progressing NRM candidate, this can be attributed to the good campaign by the NRM Team being supported by NRM Diaspora league, now the party must continue to support the league and work hand in hand for the good of the party in and outside of the Country.

It will be better if the League Chairman can represent all is members and all NRM supporters in Diaspora at the high level of the party Structure. The League Chairman must have a seat at the party Central Executive Committee (CEC) in order to act on Diaspora members concerns and issues.
This will improve the support of NRM in Diaspora and market the achievement of NRM party to Ugandans in Diaspora.

Written By Peter Marco Via UAH FORUM

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