What we know about Ms.Katiti Kironde!

This is Ms.Katiti Kironde,Great granddaughter to Sir Apollo Kaggwa, sister to Kaddu Mukasa, Harvard College Class of 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree in US History, winner of Glamour Magazine 10 Best Dressed College Girls contest In August 1968, and the first black person to be featured on the cover of a fashion magazine (Glamour). Kironde, who was 18-years-old at the time and an undergraduate at Harvard University, applied for Glamour’s “Top 10 Best Dressed College Girls” competition and won the highest honor. The issue was not only a milestone for the then 30-year-old publication, but it was also the first time that any black women had been featured on the cover of a mainstream women’s fashion magazine in the United States.She has worked as a designer of women’s wear for the last 30 years for small and large international companies and have also been responsible for fashion and trend direction.Selling more than two million copies worldwide, Kironde’s Glamour issue remains the magazine’s best-selling issue of all time.Her love for fashion and design is not a coincidence. Katiti’s mother attended Fashion school in England. Her mother died when she was only seven years old, leaving the sewing machine that Katiti adopted as her own.

After graduating from Harvard Kironde pursued a career in fashion–spending the next 30 years on the design and production side of the industry for a handful of major brands, including Laura Ashley and T.J. Maxx. She eventually launched her own clothing line, Katiti, only offering a selection of the perfect white button-down shirt. And in 2010, Kironde taught Harvard University’s first-ever Introduction to Fashion course.

She pioneered a fashion seminar for Harvard Freshmen in 2010 which explored the History of fashion from the 12th century to the present. Over the years she has mentored Harvard/Radcliffe students who are interested in fashion through the Radcliffe Mentor program and has acted as an advisor to the Eleganza Fashion Show that Harvard students put on every spring.

She currently designs an eponymous line of white women white shirts and is teaching fashion at Fisher College in Boston. She is president of the Kironde Health and Education Fund; a nonprofit organization that was named for her late father Apollo Kironde, a former ambassador to the UN from Uganda and a pioneer in that country’s struggle for independence. The fund works to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children can have access to such basic things as clean water, medicine and an education. She is also on the board of Melange; an organization that was started by a Harvard graduate to celebrate diversity through fashion and the arts.

With an education from five countries, Katiti is well spoken and articulate but refreshingly down to earth.Unfortunately, Katiti is married to a white man instead of a fellow Ugandan.

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook



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  1. Ssebbaale Henry,

    The health and education foundation we miss it in uganda

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