Who is Desire Luzinda? The new UAH member on Facebook?

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook

She was born in Mulago hospital. Her date of birth keeps changing because she wants to stay young. She was born a Muslim but later changed to Bulokole because her mother is a mulokole. Her father, Hajji Luzinda, had 7 kids with Desire’s mother. One of her brothers, Christopher Luzinda, is a pharmacist in Mengo and I have been told that he used to be a close friend of our moderator, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, while both at Kibuli Sec Sch.

She used the name Luzinda Racheal in School,a name She didn’t like. She grew up being called Nancy and at some point Desire but She doesn’t know how it started because She has been called Desire since High School and She loved it because it made her feel special and it brought out the joyful character in her.

She went to Buganda Road Primary School from Primary one to Primary Seven.She went to Omega College for ‘A’ level and Makerere High school. She attended Makerere University doing Development Economics but stopped in year two to pursue her singing career. She also attempted development studies at Nkozi University.Her mother wanted her to be a lawyer but she was so jumpy with men at an early stage. Her first recording was in 2006 at Fenon Records.It was titled Nakowa Emikwano.

She is a mother but remains single.She had her first kid after senior 6 during the vacation. She worked as a presenter on both Simba , Dembe FM and WBS TV at some point.

Desire has received a few awards and couple of nominations over time.She was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Artist during PAM Awards, nominated her song Kabiite in the category for Best Collaboration as well as Nina Omwami, Awarded for Best Afro Beat Single Nyumilwa Nyo.

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