Hon.Tumwebaze Frank

Hon.Tumwebaze Frank

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook

Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze was born when Amin was the president of Uganda in the rural village of Bisozi in Nkoma sub-county in Kamwenge district on 1st December 1975. His father is still alive and he is called Matayo Kagyigyi. His mother died in 2011 and was buried in the same village. It is not known whether the Kagyigyis are Batooro or Banyarwanda or Banyankole by tribe as Frank’s Father just migrated to Bisozi from Ankole. His parents had 7 kids between them and Frank is the third born. His mother used to sell ghee as an occupation but the family were cattle keepers. One of his sisters is now a nurse in Uganda but few of his siblings went to school.

Frank is married with kids and politician. His wife is a lawyer by profession. He is the current Minister for the Presidency & Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), in the Ugandan Cabinet. He was appointed to that position on 15 August 2012.He replaced Kabakumba Masiko, who resigned from government on 14 December 2011, following allegations of abuse of office, theft by taking, causing monetary loss to the government and conspiracy to defraud government.Frank Tumwebaze is also the elected Member of Parliament for Kibale County in Kamwenge District, on the National Resistance Movement (NRM) political party ticket.

Just like Justine Lumumba, Frank is also a teacher by profession. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc/Ed), obtained in 1999, from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). He also holds the degree of Masters in International and Diplomatic Studies (MIDS), obtained in 2005, from Makerere University. He did his O Levels at Kazo S.S AFTER joining Nombe SS in Rubindi in Kashaari in 1990 for one year and later joining Jinja College, and Old Kampala S.S for A levels in 1994. It was his mother who got him a place at Nombe S.S. He has basically grown up under Museveni as a man. He is known to be arrogant and immature especially in the way he attacks others in public. He did his primary education at from 1983 at the local church school called Bwitankanja church school before later joining Bisozi primary school.His first time to wear shoes is when he joined OLd Kampala S.S and that explains probably his appetite for money now. He was a head prefect in schools and guild speaker at Mbarara University.

He was recruited in 2000 to work in URA at the time Allen Kagina and Janet Museveni conspired to recruit a lot of ‘BALOKOLE’ to dominate that organisation. He officially lists his religion as a protestant. In 2001, he was appointed Deputy Resident District Commissioner and was posted to Iganga District, serving in that capacity until 2003. He was then brought into State House, where he served as a Special Presidential Assistant for Research and Information, from 2003 until 2005. In 2006, he entered elective politics by contesting the parliamentary constituency of Kibale County, Kamwenge District.In a cabinet reshuffle on 15 August 2012, he was appointed Minister for the Presidency. The only time he has ever used his teaching profession was during his senior 6 vacation when he went to teach at Kaaro High School, near the president’s Rwakitura home. But unlike Janet Museveni, Frank Tumwebaze did internship at Kashaka Girls’ SSS in Mbarara. He dreams of being the biggest farmer in future at his village where he was born.

Frank is known to attack anything that is anti-Mmuseveni, and that is why he hates Ugandans At Heart(UAH) forum with passion.He allegedly proposed to the president to start up a social networking team that is going to destroy forums such as UAH on internet, and this team was trained in Russia but are now back in Uganda. He says he doesn’t hate Erias Lukwago but he only chooses to tell the truth when it suits him. He was first linked to Museveni by Odrek Rwabwogo and Mayombo in 2000, and that’s how he got the post at the movement secretariat as a media assistant to director of information. That is the time he started writing articles in newspapers that got Museveni’s attention. Late Mayombo contributed a lot to Frank Tumwebaze’s wedding financially. He basically owes everything he has got in life to president Museveni and they are so many men and women like him.

After allegations that shs.10b has been found on his fixed deposit account, he posted the following message on facebook. He attacked Mbabazi instead of telling Ugandans what that money is doing on his account, and whether its true or not.

”Friends, greetings and happy new year.Just to alert you to ignore and treat with contempt the rumour being peddled and doing rounds on various social media pages and whatsapp that am on suspension. Its all rubbish. It’s not surprising though. I know the group and their political master behind all this. After he schemed unsuccessfully to achieve his political maneuvers, he now sees Frank Tumwebaze and some others as his biggest obstacle. My assurances to him and his agents however is that; no amount of their cheap blackmail and mudslinging will silence me into submission. Am happy they feel me as a pain in their crumbling political infrastructure.I am not about to desert the NRM struggle . Unless they succeed in eliminating my life, a venture they have also been investing in, no amount of their cheap propaganda will kill my spirit and political activism ability in defence of the NRM revolutionary principles. Their cheap falsehoods against me are easy to discern and dismantle. But the short of it is that, they are desperate and believe that by targeting to tarnish the image of people perceived to be NRM and m7 strong activists, they will succeed in intimidating them into submission and therefore into silence. I pity them.

See the rubbish they have authored and promoted on various social media platforms and whatsapp groups;

“Frank Tumwebaze,the minister for presidency is under investigation after security agencies discovered 10 billion shillings on his fixed deposit account in crane bank,Tumwebaze failed to explain the source of the money in a meeting chaired by President Museveni at Rwakitura on the 31st of December,2014.The President has assigned Security minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa the portfolio for Presidency and Kampala untill the investigations are complete”


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