Olive kigongo

Olive kigongo

By Mayimuna Nabagereka Via UAH Facebook

Olive Kigongo is not a member of UAH but she is the president of Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Uganda National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UNCCI) is the only umbrella organization of the business community that was there before and after Uganda’s Independence. Established in 1933 by the business community then, it is the embodiment of the pre and post-independence business development in Uganda. Currently it boasts of over 10,000 registered members who are spread throughout the country and they are diligently served by the 10 regional and 80 district offices. The national outreach makes UNCCI the best one stop-centre where issues and information regarding doing business and investment in Uganda can be addressed appropriately.

Ms Kigongo, has held several leadership positions which include; Managing Director of Mosa Court Apartments, Homes Ltd, Global village Investments. She is currently the Managing Director of Amagara Skin Scare and is a Patron of Young Achievers Awards.She is gifted with one of the most flawless smooth skins in the country. CNN recently broadcast an interview conducted with two directors of the skin care line, Anisha Kigongo and Shakib Nsubuga, at the company’s home at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute in Nakawa.Amagara means “Life” in Runyankole – a local dialect. The skin care line opened shop in 2012. When Sivi Kigongo and her mother Olive Kigongo thought up the idea of making a skin care line in Uganda, never in their wildest dreams did they anticipate such success.

She is married to NRM Vice chairman, Alhajji Moses Kigongo, and have 5 children between them.She was named Zaitun after marrying Hajji KIGONGO and we dont know if she will drop the name if the rumours that she wants a divorce from her hubby are true. May be her fellow Muslim brother, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba will explain to us more.She is an ardent support of Islamic Banking.

Apparently, she is divorcing because her hubby has got a new woman on the block in the names of NTV’s Nakazibwe Farida. Before she married Kiggongo, she was a partner to Captain Francis Babu. How she ended up with Kigongo, we dont know.Through her lawyers Kwesigabo, Bamwiine and Walubiri Advocates, Olive has taken the battle for the multi-million property at the Kampala High Court.

In 2009, she was questioned over sh385m received from the Global Fund. Ssemuju Nganda said that ”Hajji Moses Kigongo receives less credit for his role in the success of the bush war that brought Gen Yoweri Museveni to power than he deserves. For example, few people remember that he headed the Western Axis that eventually launched a major offensive, enabling the NRA for the first time in four years to seize territory from Milton Obote’s government.”



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  1. Babu Eric,

    Hi madam,
    Am Babu Eric of BEA Enterprises.
    We deal in Aluminium and steel fabrication and glass fixing etc.
    Thanks for the good work done in that position as president of Uganda Narional Chamber of Commerce.
    Thnks. BABU ERIC
    FOR BEA.

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