KYAFolks:The story about Minister Amelia Kyambadde crying at the sight of starving pupils is yet to attract any comment from the Ugandan opposition. I am not sure the opposition is any better anyways. Because the opposition do not believe in USE and UPE, they cannot enter the fray in a positive way. Otherwise if they embraced UPE and USE they would have used the minister’s tears to push their policy and give voters something to think about.

It would go something like this: trust us with your votes and if elected we shall fix UPE and USE. We shal make sure that kids get at least a meal in the form of a bowl of porridge and beans. We would provide breakfast for kids who come to school empty. We will fix buildings. We would improve teacher’s pay. We would eliminate exam fees. We would push for equity within the education sector etc..

Many of you wonder why the Ugandan opposition is sort of irrelevant and why it cannot get any traction. To those with eyes and ears, the reasons are obvious, actually galore. The opposition like NRM has no progressive agenda for Ugandans.

They can talk all they want about single candidate, but that is not the problem. The problem is lack of foresight. In a country with so many issues, issues that make long serving NRM loyalists shed tears, still the opposition sees nothing wrong and cannot articulate an alternative vision for the country.

It is a real shame the opposition has denied Ugandan voters the choice they crave for. We are old there is a shadow cabinet so who is the education critic, and what did she or he say about Minister Kyambadde who put aside her NRM label to shed tears after coming face to face with misery?

On primary kids attending school in the afternoon, they should, but need a meal to keep them going. Remember some of the kids leave their homes in the morning without eating anything. By afternoon, they are hungry and cannot possibly concentrate. Then we wonder why rural kids cannot perform well in PLE. Many write exams hungry. Go figure.




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  1. byakika,

    Dr. I request that sincerely your a doctor why can’t you help us and build hospital to help patients with heart ❤ problems,cancers etc

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