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Do not create a national ID in our country

Do not register Ugandans and do not create a national ID in our country.United States did not register its citizens 50 years after independence. Just think this through sir, at the removal of Obote two government, Acholi soldiers hunted down every known Langi and killed them, all way to Soroti Mbale Tororo was so bad to be identified as a Langi. Just imagine if Acholi had a national registration of all Ugandans and were hunting down Langis. They would go and kill one and tick him off the list and hunt down a next one. We survive violence in our country by blending in sir.You are setting up our people for a clean genocide. Leave the registration alone gentlemen.Just imagine if there was a national identity in Rwanda, naming the names addresses and tribes. Just think about that scenario. A very difference between Ugandans that read about Uganda violence and those that have lived through it.

Joseph Kony has been collecting people and instructing the women to un strap their babies off the backs, slam them on a wall and kill them. This is not historical as killing the Abajulizi in Namugongo, this is a very current issue. Just imagine the damage Konny can do if he had a national register in his hands. We are still as savages as they show up and now you want to collect all of us and pile us with our numbers, age, place of birth and tribe?

On the corruption you have in Uganda who will have access to that list but who will protect it from abuse?We are at a verge of Museveni departure, watch what will happen then you will realize that Uganda’s problem is actually much larger than we think. Don’t list people.

Leave that topic alone let us fight malaria.We need pit latrines instead of using public crappers start on that one.Start with life and death issues, and achievable issues, clean water access, health care access.There are districts in Uganda with no single pit latrine. May god help me achieve that as you guys are struggling to register the savages that shit on grass all over the place.



Birth and death are important Gate-Points; they arise out of a network of families and communities! The idea of a national ID is IDiotic, people need to be registered locally within their cultural, residential and professional communities!

What the government can do is establish tech infrastructure to merge local, corporate and professional listings into one huge searchable database that could reference any individual that turned up at a government doorstep for a service.

The Baganda traditional system though oral can place any Indigene by birth because the hierarchies of reference are known constants – for instance the moment I say I am a descendant of Omutaka/Elder Walusimbi, every Muganda will know I am from Bakka in Busiro – Wakiso District for you; when I place myself within the Lineages arising out of Walusimbi and claim ascendance to Magunda, every Muganda should be able to place me as from Lwanga in Mawokota – Mpigi district! By the time I cite the lowest hierarchical reference, even the burial grounds of my immediate family can be pinpointed accurately!

The only one who can’t be able to place an Afrikan within the context of their people is the Mizungu neocolonialist working through greedy governments to better be able to to have clear targets of his victims! Believe me these Afrikan governments are doing a good thing for a bad cause – the destruction of Afrikans!

Villager Ssalongo Ssennoga via the UAH forum

Henry Kyemba has 5 paid properties in diaspora

It just baffles my mind that we fail to understand why corruption is sitting in Uganda. Our population is corrupt because we protect each other.Some of you did not even know how far back I followed Henry Kyemba, he did not even know that I knew he has 5 paid properties in diaspora. One thing friends you need to understand is that both Kyemba and Malinga got that money from a Uganda embassy and records are available. So stop to protect them for with time these facts are going to be made available. And what is funny is that most of the corrupt people in Uganda government are former UPC members. And the people protecting them the most are again UPC members. It might explain as well why thugs like Paul Muwanga sold a full Uganda embassy.

One of the great things about Amin’s government is that most of the cash purchases that were done were done through the embassies of Uganda, and we have those that were writing these records in the embassies still alive and some are actually reading in UAH. So this is not an issue of personal agendas let alone hidden agenda. This is simply a frustrating issue because we have Ugandans in this forum classifying Paul Muwanga selling the Uganda embassy in Paris as a fairy tale. To today we have no single Ugandan ever arrested let alone charged for corruption let alone atrocity. It is about to stop.

On the net communication we have, we should have by now established a known list of countries with our money and who banked it. Now stand up and raise the name of Oyite and how much he made out of Coffee Marketing Board and where he starched it, and see a frail of attacks coming after you. List the properties these friends have bought out of Uganda including Sweden, and see how fast you will be attacked.

And what is so strange is that these very same Monkeys are going to pay every single dollar stolen out of Uganda for it is written on the books and lenders are going to come after them and after their twerps.


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Well, I do not know for sure who ordered the death or pulled the trigger of the gun that ended Kayiira’s life or the lives of other Ugandans even earlier than 1961. Will Kayiira’s killers be known? May be, may be not but past events show that the former may prevail. I think the killers will be known in future. l cite a few examples support that viewpoint

For a very long time and to date, most people believe that only UNLA massacred people in Luwero. Actually, this is the official position from the government. However, after so many years of finger-pointing and blame, it was the alcohol effect that forced Kahinda Otafiire to release their bush secret of how they would terrorize wanainchi claiming to be UNLA! Then self-revelations by NRA supporters after so many years of denial can prove this point for example the doctor that hid the body of one deceased rebel fighter in Mulago mortuary for as long as the bush war lasted, he just told the truth about his role in “liberating” his country yet we know that most Ugandans claim the UPC government targeted them for nothing!

Earlier, the government spy network failed to arrest or find out who the assassins that attempted on President Obote’s life when they missed to drive the fatal bullet home but only got a bit of his mouth. Intelligence guys failed. However, after several decades, somebody proudly and voluntarily released a whole plan up to the execution time. Mystery solved. There are so many examples of the unexplained circumstances that eventually get revealed.

Based on those few observations and, history, studies on security and intelligence etc, I believe the truth about the several murders including that of Kayiira that have remained unknown will likely be made known in future.

The release my be accidental or through failed relations among conspirators that will force the other party to drop the bomb like Sejusa “lied” to us about how they rigged elections etc.

Peter Simon Via UAH FORUM

Kanyeihamba becomes emotional over being blocked to deliver petition

It’s disturbing to see this old man of the law expressing his disappointment in the way he did!!But he expresses what the real patriotic Ugandans feel, – that this country has worsened beyond the period of Idi Amin. Kanyeihamba has correctly noted that comparison.

I don’t know what took this clever man so long to realise what we have known all along, that basically Museveni did not fight against Obote to redeem this county from bad rule, but for self-interest.

The chaotic state he causes, is always to his advantage!!!!!

Ssekajja via UAH forum


DP lost the 1980 general elections. UPC won the 1980 general elections. NRA launched a terror war on against the people of Uganda on February 6th 1981. DP had one leg in parliament and the other in the bush. Robert Kitarikko knew that.

The 1985 coup was not of Tumwine, it was a deal between DP, NRA and some UPC capricious men using the two Okellos, Tito and Bazillio, the leader.

NRA had been cleared off Luwero and general elections were pending later that year. The coup could not ‘wait’ for UPC was going to win the elections more convincingly than in 1980 and DP was going to perform worse.DP cannot tell Ugandans why they feared going to the people but instead opted to use Bazillio to short-cut it for them.

The only problem is that for poor Bazillio, after delivering the government, Museveni changed, ‘duped them’ and, with that even Ssemwogerere, Cardinal Nsubuga and all abandoned them. Bazillio died a very bitter man (with Ssemwogerere and Nsubuga) in Sudan. Does anyone know if Uncle Paul attended the burial in Kitgum the other day?

There is a problem; why is it that DP does not like to take direct credit for ‘overthrowing’ the Peoples government but instead some of them what to now give it to Elly Tumwine?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the Okellos and UNLA have been called all sorts of those ‘northern’ names as if Museveni and his brother were never UNLA.

Typical DP, they refuse to join a government of National Unity with Sir Edward Mutesa’s KY and UPC in 1962 and they they go on to cry foul. Uganda’s history was changed by them refusing to sit with the Kabaka.

Instead in 1969, Kiwanuka feeds Sebaduka into attempting to assassinate the president, what does one expect? Kiwanuka to go to Munyonyo resort or Luzira? Lucky it was Milton Obote for had it been Tumwine or Museveni, that would have been another history.

Then 1971, the same Kiwanuka now joins Amin, having refused 10 years earlier to serve with Mutesa and Obote! Sadly, 1972 is another history.

DP guys have played on the record of UPC and Obote hoping that the more you deal, the cleaner DP and NRA rise. It has not happened. NRA and DP are simply jealous of UPC and Obote’s proud record in Uganda. Were they perfect record? Absolutely NOT!

Playing the ‘joker, silly, childish’ is hitting soft spot, just try to form 2 governments on your own and create wealth and strutures in Uganda that takes 30 years of NRA/DP to destroy and loot. Try that.



Greetings from Acholi!

As we wallow in the heat of the driest period in the north, words on the ground has learnt that, Kabaka; The Mpolongoma of Buganda is said to have re/appointed individuals abroad to represent his Kingdom’s interest. This is a good move; one that should be emulated by all chiefs in the country. The problem i have with the Kabaka’s appointments or appointees is that they are all Baganda. I feel this is wrong; because, it does not foster unity and does not bode well with well-wishers such as myself and those who feel Ugandan, whilst abroad. I would like to see the Kabaka and the rest of the chiefs as champion of unity and should do so by example. By appointing only Baganda to further the interest of the Kingdom abroad, does not reflect the right image of a modern monarch, which i regard the Kabaka to be.

Considering that a man of George Okello’s standing and influence, happens to be the only Ugandan in the Philippines, and the Kabaka needed some one on the ground, the Kabaka and the Kingdom’s interest not served in the area, simply bcos G.Okello is a non Muganda and therefore cannot be appointed as a rep. This is a step backward.

With having representatives around the world, one could argue that the Kabaka is laying foundation for Buganda’s development, even perhaps, a step towards federalism. But one of the ultimate goals of federalism, beside improved services and bringing power and rights closer to the people, it is to foster unity in diversity. The appointments therefore, does not cater for that key pillar of federalism.Such appointment would simply alienate “others” from, rather than make them feel part of a great Kingdom. Currently in Uganda there are people from other tribes who know the Buganda culture more than their own.

Take R. Mao for instance. No one will suggest anywhere that he is not Muganda enough, for he grew up in Buganda and within the culture. He epitomises the new generation who have embraced fully other cultures beside their own. These are the sort of people who will feel the alienation more if left out from such appointments.

My call is to those close to Kabaka to try and represent the Kingdom and monarch as modern, and one that thrives by embracing, rather than pushing others away. I suggest the Mpologoma’s advisers go back to the drawing board and work out how best the Kingdom’s interest, image and perception can be improved ahead of federalism taking root. One of them certainly, is inclusion.

Akim Odong via the UAH forum


There are so many unemployed youths throughout the country, because government jobs are no longer available. Back then there were very few colleges in Uganda that had the potential of turning out independent thinking graduates who possibly start their own business and employed fellow former classmates. Such colleges included Uganda College of Commerce in Nakawa now part of Makerere University, Bukalasa College of Agriculture near Wobulenzi. Businesses in Uganda were exclusively the preserve of Indians with the except of very few Black Ugandans running shops here and there. That was one of the reasons Uganda’s economy temporarily collapsed when the Indians were expelled in 1972. Local Ugandans were only trained how to wear ties, be driven to work and back home and never as innovators or business owners. Land was only used by villagers to feed families, Why would a smart boy attending Budo College or girl attending Gayaza look stupid holding “enkumbi munimiro asimba lumonde” They became a talk of the village, “lwaki mwana wagundi alima”.

Uganda’s education was structured in such a way that you must only work in an office to look educated. Fixing things such as building a table, or chair was considered backward. That is why Katwe and Kisenyi never transformed into a major modern innovation centre despite great men and women with good knowledge of fixing literally anything. Because they did not go to school, they were ignored and most of their talent vanished. They are today’s boda boda.In a word, UPC education produced job seekers than job makers sir.



The NRA was never a “Marxist” organisation, let alone Maoist. Museveni certainly was not a Marxist. I have written here several times, the man does not understand even simple concepts of dialectical materialism, so how could he ever have been a Marxist or Communist? Show me any document at all that the NRA has written that you would call Marxist or even progressive (socialist). Even their so-called 10 Point Programme was lifted from Chairman Mao’s Ten Point Programme, and the reason for this is that the NRA never had and has never had any genuine intellectuals serving within its ranks. I get very frustrated when people refer to the NRA has having origins in Marxism. How could a fascist, brutal and murderous aggrupation have anything to do with Marxism?



Folks:The observation from Mr. Mujuni Andrew M. Mwenda caught my attention. “That is what we need to discuss; why different leaders in different countries and regions of our continent at different times in our political evolution act the same way, repeating the misdeeds of their predecessors – misdeeds they had previously denounced. What are the underlying factors that sustain these misdeeds in our politics and seem beyond the control of individual presidents and ruling political parties?”.

Incidentally that is an argument I have advanced over the last 15 years or so. If you look very carefully, Obote, Amin, YKM, Binaisa and Lutwa did the same dumb things. Unlike Mr. Mwenda have asked the direct question, how could educated YKM, Obote and Binaisa perform just as bad or well depending on where you stand as semi educated Lutwa and Amin? What is the common denominator? Well for now let us just say structural aka system. Which is to say do not be fooled that Dr Besigye, Mr Olara Otunnu, Mr. Mao, General Muntu would be different from their predecessors. Nope. Actually many could be worse. Depressing stuff, but true. Eeh!

WBK via the UAH forum


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