These new chaps Katureebe and Kavuma are cadre judges. Kavuma
particularly. Museveni now has total control of the judicial system. In the Court of Appeal, there are at least three judges who are are independent and not NRA cadre judges, and these are Remmy Kasule, Ruby Opio Aweri, and Christine Kitumba, so the court was somehow balanced 4 cadres against 3 independents. Now the two cadres have been promoted and we remain to see who will be promoted from the High Court of Constitutional Court to replace them. It is more likely Museveni will promote cadres, meaning that he will completely control the highest courts of the land.

As I told you before, Christine Katumba was my personal choice for CJ because of her academic record, having taught almost 50% of all the lawyers practicing in Uganda. She is also not controversial. The second choice was Remmy Kasule. At least I thought Mueveni would appoint one of them as CJ or Deputy. Now he has totally ignored the recommendations of the Judicial Service Commission, and you cant even understand what exactly they do, if Museveni just runs rough shod over what they are supposed to do. His Nepotism has now reached sickening proportions.

George Okello Via UAH forum



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  1. Oska,

    I wonder where this gentleman George gets his information from, to mislead other readers?!!! It is on record that the Judicial service commission on two occasions seconded only one name of Bart Katureebe to the President for the CJ position. Unlike him, Ugandans from across the political divide, are happy with CJ choice. Just keep your sectarian biases to yourself.

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