Of recent there has been arrests of Muslims following a spate of murders of Muslim clerics in Buganda and Busoga regions. The regime has linked the murders and arrests to the Islamic aligned Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) based in eastern DRC. Among those arrested are the leaders of the radical Tabliq sect. The ADF came to the scene around 1996 when it struck western Uganda. Its prolonged war with the Kampala regime saw Museveni’s army enter the DRC ostensibly to flush out the ADF but it remained intact as the army instead pursued an imperialistic agenda. The ADF remained active in eastern DRC with clandestine operations in Uganda’s Islamic strong holds of Buganda and Busoga. Museveni managed to have the ADF blacklisted as a terrorist organisation but his tireless efforts to link it to Alshabab and Al-Queda have not been fruitful. Recent report by the UN group of experts found no evidence of any linkage.

Also linked to the murders is Dr Agrey Kiyingi – a prominent Ugandan Cardiologist based in Sydney Australia. He has expressed intentions to vie for the presidency of Uganda. The Museveni regime alleged that he has been funding the activities of the above recently arrested Muslims. Interestingly, for the first time the alleged radical Islamic fundamentalist ADF is a devoted Christian Dr. Agrey Kiyingi!!!!!!!

Dr. Kiyingi – a Muganda

Muganda is the singular for Baganda who are Uganda’s ethinic group that occupies central region. Their geographical location coupled by their administratively superb ancient Kingdom of Buganda, made it the focal point of early European colonisation. The colonialists used the Baganda in their indirect rule in return for preferential treatment. The Baganda spearheaded and bore the brunt of the struggle for independence. The 1966 clashes with the central government led to their much cherished Kabaka (King) to flee into exile from where he died a few years later and the subsequent abolition of Kingdoms in Uganda. These events pitted the Baganda more especially the peasants against the UPC party and President Obote in particular. A series of assassination attempts on Obote by ordinary Baganda were halted by Iddi Amin’s take over in 1971. The Baganda fully embraced Amin’s military take over more especially when he returned the remains of their Kabaka and accorded it a descent burial.

In 1978 when the Obote led Uganda exiles backed by the Tanzanian army were battling to dislodge Iddi Amin, Museveni led a misinformation campaign of how the Obote and the UPC were not popular in the strategic Buganda region. This prompted the UNLF to put forward Prof Yusuf Lule and Paul Muwanga – all prominent Baganda at the top leadership of the post Iddi Amin government in order to win over the Baganda. Even when Prof Lule was ousted six months later, its another Muganda; Godfrey Binaisa who was selected to become President. Still the Baganda led “Twagala Lule” (we want Lule) demonstrations paralised the nation before Museveni who was the then Minister of Defence brutally crashed them.

When Milton Obote won the 1980 elections, the Baganda nder Andrew Kayiira and Prof Yusuf Lule resorted to armed rebellion. Museveni who felt his childhood ambition of becoming President was under threat, moved very fast to neutralize them. He tricked Yusuf Lule into joining hands with him before he embarked on laying the same traps for Andrew Kayiira whose group he openly undermined. He assembled prominent Baganda into leadership positions for his NRA guerrilla outfit’s political leadership hierachy. When the going got tougher, he enlisted the support of the then Buganda Prince Mutebi with promisses of restoring the Kabakaship (kingdom). However, in order to curtail the Baganda military influence, Baganda military fighters were systematically curtailed from advancing to top command positions. No wonder, Prof. Lule had to die so that Museveni becomes the President.

Since taking over power 30 years ago and restoring of the Buganda Kingship 25 years ago, Museveni has had fragile relationship with Buganda. The Baganda realised that Museveni had duped them by restoring a quasi kingship. The devastating five years war fought on Buganda territory coupled by systematic and malicious intervention measures aimed at trimming Buganda’s wings, its past glory has never recovered. The Baganda are losing their much cherished wealth in land to unscruplous regime cohorts leave alone its territory as Kampala was declared not to be part of Buganda. Museveni has consistently through both overt and covert actions undermined the cohesion of Buganda Kingdom. His main worry is for Buganda to produce a potential presidential material. After getting rid of the militant Andrew Kayiira in the late 80s, through the 90s he feared the likes of Mulwanyamuli, Dr Sulaiman Kigundu, Dan Muliika and a few others. He identified and brought on board other prominent Baganda like Prof Nsibambi and Prof Gilbert Bukenya so as to soil their reputations.

Since coming to power the influence of Baganda soldiers in the NRA has been contained. After placing the strategic components of the army under the command of his son Brig Muhoozi, he had to hoodwink the Baganda by appointing a Muganda Gen Katumba Wamala as the Chief of Defence Forces who is a mere figure head. With the new NRA Cadre Buganda Katikiro (Prime Minister) Peter Mayega, Museveni felt that he had now written off Buganda as a potential threat to his life presidency. The coming on board of Dr Agrey Kiyingi – a Muganda who has never been associated with his reign but more so given his international connections, Museveni feels threatened by Buganda once again. Museveni fears that Dr Kiyingi may rally the Baganda whom he thought he had sent into political limbo and was now focusing on northern Uganda. Therefore, he strongly feels that by linking Dr Kiyingi’s political activities to terrorism, he will manage to isolate him locally and internationally.


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