There are so many unemployed youths throughout the country, because government jobs are no longer available. Back then there were very few colleges in Uganda that had the potential of turning out independent thinking graduates who possibly start their own business and employed fellow former classmates. Such colleges included Uganda College of Commerce in Nakawa now part of Makerere University, Bukalasa College of Agriculture near Wobulenzi. Businesses in Uganda were exclusively the preserve of Indians with the except of very few Black Ugandans running shops here and there. That was one of the reasons Uganda’s economy temporarily collapsed when the Indians were expelled in 1972. Local Ugandans were only trained how to wear ties, be driven to work and back home and never as innovators or business owners. Land was only used by villagers to feed families, Why would a smart boy attending Budo College or girl attending Gayaza look stupid holding “enkumbi munimiro asimba lumonde” They became a talk of the village, “lwaki mwana wagundi alima”.

Uganda’s education was structured in such a way that you must only work in an office to look educated. Fixing things such as building a table, or chair was considered backward. That is why Katwe and Kisenyi never transformed into a major modern innovation centre despite great men and women with good knowledge of fixing literally anything. Because they did not go to school, they were ignored and most of their talent vanished. They are today’s boda boda.In a word, UPC education produced job seekers than job makers sir.


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