Do not create a national ID in our country

Do not register Ugandans and do not create a national ID in our country.United States did not register its citizens 50 years after independence. Just think this through sir, at the removal of Obote two government, Acholi soldiers hunted down every known Langi and killed them, all way to Soroti Mbale Tororo was so bad to be identified as a Langi. Just imagine if Acholi had a national registration of all Ugandans and were hunting down Langis. They would go and kill one and tick him off the list and hunt down a next one. We survive violence in our country by blending in sir.You are setting up our people for a clean genocide. Leave the registration alone gentlemen.Just imagine if there was a national identity in Rwanda, naming the names addresses and tribes. Just think about that scenario. A very difference between Ugandans that read about Uganda violence and those that have lived through it.

Joseph Kony has been collecting people and instructing the women to un strap their babies off the backs, slam them on a wall and kill them. This is not historical as killing the Abajulizi in Namugongo, this is a very current issue. Just imagine the damage Konny can do if he had a national register in his hands. We are still as savages as they show up and now you want to collect all of us and pile us with our numbers, age, place of birth and tribe?

On the corruption you have in Uganda who will have access to that list but who will protect it from abuse?We are at a verge of Museveni departure, watch what will happen then you will realize that Uganda’s problem is actually much larger than we think. Don’t list people.

Leave that topic alone let us fight malaria.We need pit latrines instead of using public crappers start on that one.Start with life and death issues, and achievable issues, clean water access, health care access.There are districts in Uganda with no single pit latrine. May god help me achieve that as you guys are struggling to register the savages that shit on grass all over the place.




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  1. Jonny Rubin,

    Mr. Edward Mulindwa,

    I see the light in what you stated here. Honestly, I was with pleasure looking forward to receive my National ID and what you stated here had not even crossed my mind.You are right and can’t be more elaborate.

    I think Uganda needs more time, perhaps till we, Ugandans are better integrated and more patriotic, as opposed to tribalistic.

    Edward, I appreciate your straight forward comment that does not “okwetooloola” or, in other wards, “to beat around the bush.”

    BJ. Rubin.

  2. I think we should stop writing something we feel that can trigger tribal conflict among Ugandans. Edward Mulindwa should stop his dirty politic to divide the Acholi and the Langis. That childish remark will never heal the wounds. Stupid behaviours Bazilio Olara Okello and Opon Achak which has brought big problems our Districts should not be discuss with an ordinary people who don’t know anything about the Acholi and the Langis. we are on the process of ironing our problems because we know the mistakes.

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  4. Jonny Rubin,

    Mr. James Lajul,

    While I appreciate your advice to Mr. Edward Mulindwa as you saw fit, I thought it wise to inform you personally what I think in addition to what I stated prior.

    I also noticed that you did not refute the statements made, but stated that you are in the process of ironing your problems because you “know the mistakes.”

    Mr. James Lajul, the importance of reminders, as Mr. Edward Mulindwa provided, is to inform those who did not know, but also to remind those who knew, so that whatever we do, we must never allow that to happen again.

    I regard Ugandans to be a family and that what hurts one, indeed it is felt by all. By what our brother Edward M stated, it is noticeable that he meant well for the love of our Country. He might seem somewhat patronizing by the way he conveyed the message, but what matters most is the purpose for which it was conveyed.

    BJ. Rubin.

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