Henry Kyemba has 5 paid properties in diaspora

It just baffles my mind that we fail to understand why corruption is sitting in Uganda. Our population is corrupt because we protect each other.Some of you did not even know how far back I followed Henry Kyemba, he did not even know that I knew he has 5 paid properties in diaspora. One thing friends you need to understand is that both Kyemba and Malinga got that money from a Uganda embassy and records are available. So stop to protect them for with time these facts are going to be made available. And what is funny is that most of the corrupt people in Uganda government are former UPC members. And the people protecting them the most are again UPC members. It might explain as well why thugs like Paul Muwanga sold a full Uganda embassy.

One of the great things about Amin’s government is that most of the cash purchases that were done were done through the embassies of Uganda, and we have those that were writing these records in the embassies still alive and some are actually reading in UAH. So this is not an issue of personal agendas let alone hidden agenda. This is simply a frustrating issue because we have Ugandans in this forum classifying Paul Muwanga selling the Uganda embassy in Paris as a fairy tale. To today we have no single Ugandan ever arrested let alone charged for corruption let alone atrocity. It is about to stop.

On the net communication we have, we should have by now established a known list of countries with our money and who banked it. Now stand up and raise the name of Oyite and how much he made out of Coffee Marketing Board and where he starched it, and see a frail of attacks coming after you. List the properties these friends have bought out of Uganda including Sweden, and see how fast you will be attacked.

And what is so strange is that these very same Monkeys are going to pay every single dollar stolen out of Uganda for it is written on the books and lenders are going to come after them and after their twerps.


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