Birth and death are important Gate-Points; they arise out of a network of families and communities! The idea of a national ID is IDiotic, people need to be registered locally within their cultural, residential and professional communities!

What the government can do is establish tech infrastructure to merge local, corporate and professional listings into one huge searchable database that could reference any individual that turned up at a government doorstep for a service.

The Baganda traditional system though oral can place any Indigene by birth because the hierarchies of reference are known constants – for instance the moment I say I am a descendant of Omutaka/Elder Walusimbi, every Muganda will know I am from Bakka in Busiro – Wakiso District for you; when I place myself within the Lineages arising out of Walusimbi and claim ascendance to Magunda, every Muganda should be able to place me as from Lwanga in Mawokota – Mpigi district! By the time I cite the lowest hierarchical reference, even the burial grounds of my immediate family can be pinpointed accurately!

The only one who can’t be able to place an Afrikan within the context of their people is the Mizungu neocolonialist working through greedy governments to better be able to to have clear targets of his victims! Believe me these Afrikan governments are doing a good thing for a bad cause – the destruction of Afrikans!

Villager Ssalongo Ssennoga via the UAH forum

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