Well, I do not know for sure who ordered the death or pulled the trigger of the gun that ended Kayiira’s life or the lives of other Ugandans even earlier than 1961. Will Kayiira’s killers be known? May be, may be not but past events show that the former may prevail. I think the killers will be known in future. l cite a few examples support that viewpoint

For a very long time and to date, most people believe that only UNLA massacred people in Luwero. Actually, this is the official position from the government. However, after so many years of finger-pointing and blame, it was the alcohol effect that forced Kahinda Otafiire to release their bush secret of how they would terrorize wanainchi claiming to be UNLA! Then self-revelations by NRA supporters after so many years of denial can prove this point for example the doctor that hid the body of one deceased rebel fighter in Mulago mortuary for as long as the bush war lasted, he just told the truth about his role in “liberating” his country yet we know that most Ugandans claim the UPC government targeted them for nothing!

Earlier, the government spy network failed to arrest or find out who the assassins that attempted on President Obote’s life when they missed to drive the fatal bullet home but only got a bit of his mouth. Intelligence guys failed. However, after several decades, somebody proudly and voluntarily released a whole plan up to the execution time. Mystery solved. There are so many examples of the unexplained circumstances that eventually get revealed.

Based on those few observations and, history, studies on security and intelligence etc, I believe the truth about the several murders including that of Kayiira that have remained unknown will likely be made known in future.

The release my be accidental or through failed relations among conspirators that will force the other party to drop the bomb like Sejusa “lied” to us about how they rigged elections etc.

Peter Simon Via UAH FORUM


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  5. jj,

    Thx for writing this article,but people know the truth. No one can come out and start narrating this story but in few years coming,every body will know the fact.

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