DP lost the 1980 general elections. UPC won the 1980 general elections. NRA launched a terror war on against the people of Uganda on February 6th 1981. DP had one leg in parliament and the other in the bush. Robert Kitarikko knew that.

The 1985 coup was not of Tumwine, it was a deal between DP, NRA and some UPC capricious men using the two Okellos, Tito and Bazillio, the leader.

NRA had been cleared off Luwero and general elections were pending later that year. The coup could not ‘wait’ for UPC was going to win the elections more convincingly than in 1980 and DP was going to perform worse.DP cannot tell Ugandans why they feared going to the people but instead opted to use Bazillio to short-cut it for them.

The only problem is that for poor Bazillio, after delivering the government, Museveni changed, ‘duped them’ and, with that even Ssemwogerere, Cardinal Nsubuga and all abandoned them. Bazillio died a very bitter man (with Ssemwogerere and Nsubuga) in Sudan. Does anyone know if Uncle Paul attended the burial in Kitgum the other day?

There is a problem; why is it that DP does not like to take direct credit for ‘overthrowing’ the Peoples government but instead some of them what to now give it to Elly Tumwine?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the Okellos and UNLA have been called all sorts of those ‘northern’ names as if Museveni and his brother were never UNLA.

Typical DP, they refuse to join a government of National Unity with Sir Edward Mutesa’s KY and UPC in 1962 and they they go on to cry foul. Uganda’s history was changed by them refusing to sit with the Kabaka.

Instead in 1969, Kiwanuka feeds Sebaduka into attempting to assassinate the president, what does one expect? Kiwanuka to go to Munyonyo resort or Luzira? Lucky it was Milton Obote for had it been Tumwine or Museveni, that would have been another history.

Then 1971, the same Kiwanuka now joins Amin, having refused 10 years earlier to serve with Mutesa and Obote! Sadly, 1972 is another history.

DP guys have played on the record of UPC and Obote hoping that the more you deal, the cleaner DP and NRA rise. It has not happened. NRA and DP are simply jealous of UPC and Obote’s proud record in Uganda. Were they perfect record? Absolutely NOT!

Playing the ‘joker, silly, childish’ is hitting soft spot, just try to form 2 governments on your own and create wealth and strutures in Uganda that takes 30 years of NRA/DP to destroy and loot. Try that.



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