Let me say what you already knew and felt. Compared to Kenyans, Ugandans actually have etiquette. Ugandans rarely if ever use funerals as political rallies. In Uganda funerals are left to religious people to pray for the soul of the dead and move on. In Kenya, it is the exact opposite.

Also, and this is important, unlike Kenyans, Ugandans do learn other ethnic languages. You find people from all over the country speaking other local languages which is not the case in Kenya. A Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin, Taita, Kisi, Kamba etc will never bother to learn the other’s language . They claim Swahili is okay but not any other local language.

I digress to make the case that we have in Uganda what it takes to prospers. Ugandans are more egalitarian, sensitive and tolerant than their Kenyan counterparts. Ugandans are also humble relative to their neighbours. These are god qualities so what is the problem? Institutions.

WBK Via the UAH forum



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  1. I can’t recall the last time I really enjoyed a
    piece of writing just as much as this one.
    You have gone beyond my expectations on this topic and I totally agree with
    your points. You’ve done well with this.

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