By Mayimuna Nabagereka

One of the first things Mandela did upon his release from jail was to have tea with Mrs. Verwood, the widow of the apartheid prime minister that put him away for 27 years. He hired, De Klerk, the president of former apartheid South Africa as his Deputy President. His personal secretary until he died was a white female beneficiary of apartheid evils. War criminals and mercenaries with hands dripping with the blood of thousands of southern Africans were absorbed and formed the nucleus of the new South African National Defense Force. Former SA mercenaries are in the vanguard of high-tech security firms that were awarded millions of security contracts by the White House immediately following 9/11. South Africans make Riovaak, the fastest attack helicopters in the world–and they’re selling faster than Girl Scout cookies. Former SA mercenaries have been allowed to grab huge swathes of farmland in Adamawa and Bauchi states of Nigeria and they make fruit juice sold in many Nigerian hotels.



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  1. Outstanding post from specialist. Thank you
    a lot for posting this helpful info for us all.

  2. Concerned one,

    I would like to disagree with the title of this post, respectfully. I think opening our borders to more white people is dangerous, let us think of the consequences such as cultural degradation (I must emphasize how much our cultures have been deeply degraded and been portrayed as bad, backward, ugly, etc) this has consequential led to the lose of the self. The self as in the African identity.
    In addition, by inviting white people/ encouraging us to open our borders especially for Uganda means that you’re rendering all the highly talented Ugandans useless. You’re insinuating that the black body is useless and can do nothing without the “help” of a white body.
    Yes Nelson Mandela did all those things but look at where it is now. There has been a blatant disregard of the black body which has consequentially rendered generations of blacks “stuck” on the lower end of the economic scale.

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