By Mayimuna Nabagereka

Because he delivers and because he does not lose sight of the prize! Another thing I admire him for is because he started from scratch and built the country up to where it is receiving international recognition. He is a realist! He started with what was in hand – the resources, the knowledge and here I mean indigenous knowledge, and then made sure every citizen knew that they had to work hard and that everybody’s effort and commitment counts! He made sure everybody bought into this vision! Once the top leadership instills a sense of urgency, focus, discipline, action and accountability (consequences) everything else can and will fall into place. He is very smart; he makes sure development in one area leads to or propels development in another area. Simple logic but somehow not so logical in some circles I am afraid.I was reading somewhere that Rwanda is currently averaging a growth rate of about 7%…that is the same as TZ at the moment, no?This from a country that literally fell to the ground just over 20 years ago.

Ugandans, on the other hand, are stuck with a useless president who now wants to buy another chopper for himself. Please God help us!

President Kagame makes it his business to be involved. He is like ‘Big Brother’! Trust him to know everything that is going on and to do something about it. I once attended an international conference on performance-based financing in health care and the Presenter from Rwanda told us how he, President Kagame, reviews quarterly reports from dispensary level all the way up. Now, one might find this similar to going into the kitchen, but he is sending a message. He had to occupy the driver’s seat to set the tone and direction. Long live Kagame!

Anyways, enough said… He does fall short in terms of human rights violations and others but that is another subject altogether.

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