We have reached a point in interpersonal relations, where we, are expected to be apologetic or, defensive for being Muslim.This happens to me not only when I travel abroad, but it happens right here, in my own country UGANDA, where I, am put in a position of having to ‘defend’ Islam by having to explain that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

The criminals, who use Islam to legitimize their crimes are similar to the Nazi criminals who exterminated Jewish people, or to the Inquisition criminals who tortured so called heretics on the rack and then tore off their limbs.Crimes committed against people behind the mask of religion/faith come in a long list.

From the inquisition, to Reverend Jones to the ‘prophet’ Koresh.Making use of religion to mind bend and to legitimize crimes against humanity have happened as long as recorded history.From the time of the deluge where we are told “and God punished wrong doers by bringing up the floods, and there was one son of Nuhu, who was cursed to be Black……….”

To the Dalits in India, Bengal, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan who are born “untouchable” because the Hindu caste system has defined the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the ‘others’ who include Kisan and Crafts people. Then come the Dalits, the untouchables, the ‘cursed’ people, whose lives are proscribed in detail in the Vedic scriptures as “being cursed, and are closely defined as vermin”.

I should insist that Islam, the Islam that I know and practice, is a religion of peace and tolerance.It is a religion of patience- Inna Allah Yuhibbu’l Swa’abirina- Allah favors the patient and that taking the life of a human, of whatever creed is a sin in the eyes of Allah.

I have made a conscious decision not to be ashamed of having to admit that I, am a practicing Muslim, nor do I become defensive when some people, Ugandans unfortunately, disparage my faith without making the effort to understand the real Islam.

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